We’ve got a special podcast episode coming up soon! This coming Monday, we’re holding a streaming video event with live chat. We’ll be joined by our spouses to tackle some podcast feedback with real questions from listeners we’ve received, like these:

  1. While working from home, how do you differentiate between “I’m in the zone and working, I’m just grabbing a snack to take back into my workspace and I don’t want to have a conversation right now” and “Ok, time for a non-work related break, you can approach me as my spouse.”
  2. How much help with your business can you reasonably ask from your partner before it should be a paid thing?
  3. To the wives: How do you view the modern take on housewifery?
  4. How on earth do you support a partner in reaching their potential without putting pressure on them? Where does encouragement end and nagging begin? When they don’t follow through on something, is it my job to be accepting of their decision and to wipe away the guilt, or should I hold them to their word? Where does life-coach meet enabler meet loving spouse?


Sean and Ben are joined by their spouses, Laci and Rachel, to go behind the scenes on what it’s like as a married couples with freelance & entrepreneurial careers—from both perspectives. We’ll be answering questions from the podcast feedback as well as from listeners in the live chat.

Many of us self-employed, married business owners struggle with the same challenges, but it seems like not much time is dedicated to talking about them. We’ll be getting real in this show.


Monday, January 27, 2014 at 8:30pm CST (GMT-6).


The episode is now posted. Go watch the video:

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