I’m Sean McCabe.

Hand Lettering Artist & Type Designer in San Antonio, TX.


I have a passion for hand lettering and typography as well as a love for meticulous detail. I podcast on the topics of creativity and business in the design industry, and I sell products featuring my lettering on my store, and help entrepreneurs grow their online business in the seanwes Community.

More recently, I’ve shifted to teaching through a number of lettering courses.




I view lettering as a form of voice. I use it to speak the things I want to say. I am fascinated by its power. When you create beautiful lettering, that work garners attention for its own sake. It simultaneously creates a platform from which you can speak a message. You have people’s attention—now what will you say? I use this opportunity to speak messages of positivity and encouragement.

In general, most people see words and read sentences to derive meaning. I see letters as beautiful shapes and curves with forms full of beauty.




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