Spouses Episode Live Stream Event

We’ve got a special podcast episode coming up soon! This coming Monday, we’re holding a streaming video event with live chat. We’ll be joined by our spouses to tackle some podcast feedback with real questions from listeners we’ve received, like these…

What I Learned From 9 Amazing Conversations This Week

This past week, I had some really good conversations. It’s amazing what a little perspective can do for you when you make time to connect with people and really listen. It’s so easy to get trapped in the reverberation of our own thoughts.

I won’t detail each conversation individually, but I will pull out some of the principles and things that stuck with me this week.


The Fear of Being Human

If you’re like me, you’re afraid of being vulnerable. I know I’m especially afraid of being vulnerable on the internet. We believe it to be synonymous with weakness—and no one wants to appear weak. We painstakingly craft our online personas into an ideal image because it provides us a sense of security and control.

I honestly didn’t even like putting a picture of myself as my avatar. It would be much easier to hide behind an icon or logo. I hated the sound of my own voice, I certainly didn’t want to be on video, and let’s not even talk about speaking in front of a crowd!


Sean McCabe Interview

I get interview requests from students almost daily. I do my best to personally respond to as many as I can, but I often don’t have the capacity to reply to all of them, especially when they are in-depth questions from students with short deadlines. Since many of the questions are quite similar, I’m finally  Continue Reading »


The One Concept Approach: How a Professional Designs A Logo

When it comes to logo design, many designers deliver multiple concepts to the client in order to let them to pick their favorite one. Many even have different concept packages and an allotment of revisions. But what is the purpose of these multiple concepts? On what merit are revisions based?


25 Things I’ve Learned

Today, I am 25. It sounds odd to say out loud, for I feel much older. I grew up fast. The oldest of 12, I acquired responsibilities quickly. People say I married young, at age 21. Nearly four years later, I can say it was the single best decision I ever made. My wife is  Continue Reading »


Circles Conference 2013 – A Recap

Somehow it’s been a year already and another fantastic Circles Conference has come and gone, leaving us all, yet again, considerably charged with inspiration. This year’s conference sold out with 420 attendees—well beyond twice that of the 2012 conference. I can honestly say I was immensely impressed with every single one of the talks shared.  Continue Reading »


How to Make Timelapse Videos for Instagram

Since Instagram introduced video importing from the camera roll, I’ve been enjoying sharing condensed timelapses of my lettering process. It’s also given me a great excuse to include some of my piano compositions as mini-soundtracks. Though many on Instagram cry “What app? What app??!” in the comments out of desperation to discover a 1-tap solution  Continue Reading »


The Origami Artist

He spent many thousands of hours building wonderful paper crafts in his free time, simply because he loved it. What started as an evening passion, grew into a huge body of work that demonstrated remarkable versatility in style and form. In the beginning, he simply took some Instagram photos with his iPhone and posted them  Continue Reading »


Enabling Excellence in Custom Type Logos through Selectivity

Crafting custom type logos is my fervent passion. I enjoy creating a word mark that is contextually relevant to the audience of my client. My style is one of clean, readable, precision. Over-complication is something I staunchly avoid. Though while I favor simplicity, it is a uniquely charm-infused character I embrace. I receive a great  Continue Reading »


Hand Lettering Pens, Pencils & Brushes

So you’re excited about Learn Lettering, and now you’re interested in the tools! While I do reveal my instruments here, I can’t stress enough that the best pen is the one you’re comfortable with. You don’t need anything you see here to create good work, or to be a great artist. Remember, tools are just  Continue Reading »


Austin Logo

It all started when I was invited to design the announcement for the May 2013 Dribbble meetup in Austin. What would customarily be a simple lettering piece turned into something bigger. I got caught up in the concept and wanted to really refine it. I felt like I was onto something good, so I spent  Continue Reading »


Creative South 2013 – A Recap

This year’s Creative South conference was such a highlight for me. Held in the The Loft venue in cozy Columbus, Georgia, the event was very intimate and personable. I’m from Texas, so I like the think that I know southern hospitality, but I never experienced it quite like this. The people are practically falling over  Continue Reading »


Three Pipe Problems on Kickstarter

Do you like design? Do you like lettering? If the answer is yes to either or both of those questions, you’re in luck! Jason Vanlue and I are collaborating on a hand-crafted book called Three Pipe Problems. He’s asked me to create over 20 custom illustrations for this book. We really want to pour our  Continue Reading »


I Didn’t Have Time to Write This

My to-do list isn’t complete. I have several dozen commission requests to respond to. I have 7 active projects, 1 due tomorrow, another on Monday. There are proposals to write, invoices to send, taxes to file, expenses to log, bills to pay, orders to be packed and shipped. There are customer support cases that need  Continue Reading »


Branding: So Much More than a Logo

I had a wonderful time at this year’s SXSW, and enjoyed many refreshing conversations with delightfully modest people of ubiquitously great talent. In reflecting on the experience and the personal interactions, I’ve come to realize how huge the in-person, human interactions are in contributing to the perception of a brand. Of course this applies to  Continue Reading »