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How to find your passion, become an expert, and make more money than your day job before you even quit.

The Overlap Technique

I want to help you do what you love as a full-time vocation, but I’m skipping all of the clichés. In my book, The Overlap Technique, you’ll find down-to-earth-practicalities that break down everything that’s required, step-by-step.

I’ve taken the time to speak personally with dozens of individuals to find the hardest thing about pursuing their passion and supporting themselves.

Many replies came back including fear of failure, lack of money, time management, and balancing family life. We’ll be tackling them all, and of course another big one, “Where do I even start?”

You’ll hear my story of how I went from a kid in a band to starting my first computer business, freelancing design, running a partnership web firm, and ultimately building a solo brand in a niche where I did everything from client work and products to speaking and teaching.

Topic List (in no particular order):
  • Work & Play: A False Dichotomy
  • Doing What You Love
  • There’s No Such Thing As Job Security
  • Fear of Failure
  • Mental Roadblocks
  • Finding Your Passion
  • 5 Layers of Why
  • Time Management
  • 90% Perfectionism
  • Dealing With Lack of Motivation
  • Pricing
  • Learning to Learn
  • Lifestyle Creep
  • Building A Portfolio
  • Debt Is Not A Tool
  • Passive Income
  • The Trifecta
  • Golden Handcuffs
  • Much more…
Why free?

Because I want to help you and I don't want buying this book to be one more hurdle for you. I want you to know that doing what you love and being fully supported from it is possible, and it's not too late no matter where you're at.

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