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Make A Living With Your Passion

Doing what you love full time is possible. I’ll show you how to make it a reality.


Serious about growing your business? Want to join a community of entrepreneurs who are doing the same? Connect with many like-minded individuals in the Community who are eager for camaraderie and accountability.

“It is the insightful discussion with creative friends you wish you had after listening to every seanwes podcast.”

“The seanwes community has been an incredible resource that has sparked a significant change in my life.”

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Every Wednesday and Friday, I put out a fresh new podcast episode centered around helping you make a living with your passion. It’s being said, “This podcast sets the standard of what podcasting should be,” and that “every episode has at least 5 inevitable takeaways.”

Others are saying, “Put simply, I dare anyone to listen to one episode and not go on a binge listening spree.”

You’ll get tangible insights on creativity and business, delving into topics like growing your audience, making more money freelancing, marketing and selling products online, overcoming creative block, handling fear of failure, time management, and much more.

I guarantee you’ll come away from every episode inspired.

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135: Home Working: How Do You Get Work Done and Keep Things Separated?

As a followup to our recent episode on remote working, we discuss the challenges and benefits of working from home.

We talk about identifying workspace problems, creating focus time, eliminating distractions, why you need silence, and how interruptions are kryptonite. It’s better to have 90 minutes of focus time than it is to have 4 hours of potential interruption time.

Though you work from home, how you dress actually has an impact on your productivity. You’ll hear us share a tip that sounds harsh on the surface but actually enables you to be intentional with your family time.

We dive into the benefits of coworking and how it might be more of an option than you think. Not only does it require less commitment than you might imagine, but there are also digital opportunities to connect with people that are a great option for super-remote home workers or introverts.

134: Paying My Haters

Earlier this week, I shared a new video called Lambo Goal. I talk about my big dreams, my friend Matt and I share some huge aspirations, and we inspire you to set bigger goals than you’ve ever dared.

But that’s not the crazy part. I setup a website called and shared the video saying, “If you’re not inspired by this video, I’ll send you $5.” I’m dead serious.

There’s no joke about it. I honestly believe so strongly that this video will be life-changing, that I’m willing to pay real money to anyone who doesn’t believe in me.

It sounds crazy (probably because it is), but in this podcast episode I take you behind the scenes on why I’m doing it. I explain the 3 reasons I’m doing it from a marketing perspective as well as answer a bunch of questions about the Lambo Goal.

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Community Hangout – Free Video

The Community is growing. Every single day we have new members joining, it’s really incredible!

There’s 24/7 live chat where at any given time, there’s a dozen people there who are in situations just like you: working through the challenges of making a living doing something they enjoy.

From designers, to developers, to videographers, to animators, to engineers, to stay-at-home moms, you’ll find people at the exact same point in your journey as well as people who have been there before.

26 Things I’ve Learned

I just turned 26 on Friday, November 21st.

To celebrate, I wrote a HUGE blog post with 26 things I’ve learned in the past year. I share what’s new with me, what’s changed since 2013, and what I’m looking forward to.

I hope you enjoy it.