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Make A Living With Your Passion

Doing what you love full time is possible. I’ll show you how to make it a reality.


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Every Wednesday and Friday, I put out a fresh new podcast episode centered around helping you make a living with your passion. It’s being said, “This podcast sets the standard of what podcasting should be,” and that “every episode has at least 5 inevitable takeaways.”

Others are saying, “Put simply, I dare anyone to listen to one episode and not go on a binge listening spree.”

You’ll get tangible insights on creativity and business, delving into topics like growing your audience, making more money freelancing, marketing and selling products online, overcoming creative block, handling fear of failure, time management, and much more.

I guarantee you’ll come away from every episode inspired.

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153: The Magic of 7

Do you ever feel like what you have to say has already been said? What’s the point of putting your work out there? Why does your voice matter when everyone else is saying the same thing?

If people have written entire books on a subject, who are you to blog about it? Should you even try?

Yes. Emphatically yes!

We’ve all heard that there’s nothing new under the sun but it also takes hearing new information 7 times before it’s retained.

So even if someone else is saying the same thing and even if they’re doing it better, your voice can still be the one to resonate with people. Because of the Magic of 7, your delivery of a message might be someone’s 7th time hearing it.

When you are someone’s 7th time, they actually attribute the value of that thing to you—even if someone before you might have said it better already.

It’s the same with your clients and customers. Competition is a good sign and not anything to be afraid of. They’re actually priming people who are even more ready for you to close the deal.

We’re going to talk about how the Magic of 7 applies to competition, repurposing content, growing an audience, getting clients and selling to customers.

152: Take Advantage of What Works

At some point, no matter how successful you are or have been, something has worked. Something was working well for you. What was that thing? What was that thing that has worked well for you? What worked in the past that you stopped doing for one reason or another?

Maybe you stopped because you got distracted. Maybe it was shiny object syndrome. Maybe you got bored of it. Maybe you simply didn’t recognize it was successful at the time.

When you look back, you’re going to see things that went well and things that didn’t go so well. Identify what worked and do more of it.

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How to Show Up Every Day

Commitment is hard.

I recently witnessed someone say they were going to start a new video show. In an introductory video, they were trying to build up momentum to the launch of the show.

They mentioned it’d be a weekly show, but then they said something that made my heart sink a little: “It’ll usually be on Fridays.”


Does that word sound familiar? “I hope to stick with my new blog.” Ever catch yourself saying that? “I’ll do my best to get a new podcast out weekly.”

How to Respond to the “Can I Pick Your Brain?” Question

Have you ever had someone ask to pick your brain? Sometimes they’ll use those exact words, but other times it looks like this:

“Can I buy you coffee?”
“Are you available for a quick Skype call?”
“Can you help me real fast with just a couple questions?”

It’s flattering and at the same time a very strange feeling. On the one hand, it feels good to be asked for advice, but on the other hand, something seems a bit weird about the exchange. Why does it feel weird?