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Make A Living With Your Passion

Doing what you love full time is possible. I’ll show you how to make it a reality.


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Every Wednesday and Friday, I put out a fresh new podcast episode centered around helping you make a living with your passion. It’s being said, “This podcast sets the standard of what podcasting should be,” and that “every episode has at least 5 inevitable takeaways.”

Others are saying, “Put simply, I dare anyone to listen to one episode and not go on a binge listening spree.”

You’ll get tangible insights on creativity and business, delving into topics like growing your audience, making more money freelancing, marketing and selling products online, overcoming creative block, handling fear of failure, time management, and much more.

I guarantee you’ll come away from every episode inspired.

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183: How to Repurpose Your Content

Have you ever spent a ton of time working on a blog post and wished that effort could be multiplied?

What people who are cranking out media like nobody’s business understand is the art of repurposing their content.

Essentially you take the content you just spent a ton of effort producing and reuse it in creative ways to get some extra mileage out of it.

I’m not just talking about posting in on different platforms (though we do have some very practice tips on how to get the most out of each platform) but adapting the content itself to a new medium.

We show you exactly where to start, how and when to repurpose, and what you need to be thinking about so that your new blog post, video, newsletter, or podcast episode resonates strongly with you audience.

182: Client Communication: Starting the Relationship Off On the Right Foot

This is a mega crash-course on attracting clients.

But we’re not just talking about opening the floodgates and getting whatever clients you can. We’re going to show you exactly how to get the kind of clients you actually want.

You’ll learn how to never get another client from hell (warning: the answer is one you won’t like).

From the time a client lands on your website, to closing the deal, getting a signed contract, and getting paid, all the way to presenting the final solution, this episode walks you through each and every step meticulously.

Somehow for such an intense show that’s jam-packed with everything you didn’t learn at school (that you paid good money for) and how to get the clients you want without compromising your process and rates, we still manage to have a ridiculously good time and a lot of laughs.

It’s a fun and fiery show you’ll want (and need!) to listen to again and again just to take it all in—and that’s no exaggeration.

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4 Keys to Growing an Audience

Having an audience is a powerful thing. With a relatively modest number of people dedicated to your brand and products, you can easily sustain yourself.

You don’t have to have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers—the beautiful thing about the internet is its ability to bring people with unique interests together. Even if you have a very specific focus, there are a ton of other people across the world that share those interests and that adds up quickly.

Yet, many people worry about narrowing their focus. It feels like you’re excluding a bunch of people! It seems counter-intuitive: What if the niche dries up? What happens if interest suddenly goes away?

The good news is, you don’t need to be afraid to niche down. If you’re about the people and serving their needs, you’re going to adapt naturally without even noticing it. You might suddenly realize you’re in a different industry because you followed the people—that makes you immune to an industry going away or drying up.

Why grow an audience? This is what growing an audience can do for you…

How To Focus and Eliminate the Possibility of Interruptions

Do you want to set money on fire?

I don’t think anyone does, but most people do something that’s equivalent.

Workers are interrupted once every 10.5 minutes on average.

That’s not even the worst part: studies show it takes on average 23 minutes to regain focus.

7-minute interruptions cost you a half hour in actual focused work time.