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Make A Living With Your Passion

Doing what you love full time is possible. I’ll show you how to make it a reality.


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Every Wednesday and Friday, I put out a fresh new podcast episode centered around helping you make a living with your passion. It’s being said, “This podcast sets the standard of what podcasting should be,” and that “every episode has at least 5 inevitable takeaways.”

Others are saying, “Put simply, I dare anyone to listen to one episode and not go on a binge listening spree.”

You’ll get tangible insights on creativity and business, delving into topics like growing your audience, making more money freelancing, marketing and selling products online, overcoming creative block, handling fear of failure, time management, and much more.

I guarantee you’ll come away from every episode inspired.

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Sell Without Discounts
223: How I Sell Without Using Discounts

Long-time listeners are very familiar with my “Full Price or Free” mantra.

I position things at one of two options: Either full price or free.

What’s the problem with discounts? Everyone loves discounts, right? Yes, they do. That is, until they don’t.

What do I mean?

Do you remember the last time you bought something only to see it get discounted the following day or next week? How did that make you feel? Did you enjoy feeling duped?

Discounted prices punish early buyers. Discounts not only devalue your products, but they also create poor customer experiences when your buyer finds out next week that they should have waited to buy from you later.

In this episode, Ben and I navigate the seas of pricing and make a case for why you shouldn’t discount and how to sell without discounting.

Payment Plans
222: Why I Don’t Offer Payment Plans for My Products

By not offering payment plans on any of my products, I’m leaving an additional 20% revenue on the table.

I know this.

Why don’t I offer payment plans then? Because I don’t want people to live outside their means. I certainly don’t want them to go into debt.

If someone cannot yet afford a product from me or they would have to go into debt to buy it, I don’t want their money. I want them out of debt.

I want to help better people’s lives. If buying my product means putting someone in a stressful situation for many months, I don’t want them to buy from me.

This is why I make such high quality content available for free. I prefer people apply the information I give away freely to their business first and make money from that. Many people have reported that they are charging thousands more with their clients as a result of the free information I produce. This is what I want for them!

While I’m leaving money on the table, I know that I’m not the cause of enabling people to live outside their means.

Ben and I discuss the many nuances of purchasing things in installments, going into debt, buying things on credit, and the implications those things have. We talk about how it reverses the hard work and reward cycle by stealing joy and replacing it with a bill.

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Learn Lettering Celebrates 10,000 Students!

The year was 2013. Things were going very well. I was charging 5-figure rates with clients for my hand lettering and selling physical products with my designs every day.

But we need to roll back the clock a little bit further.

The year was 2010. I was designing websites for 8 to 10 hours a day. During my nights and weekends, I practiced hand lettering for 6 to 8 hours outside my day job. I did this every single day for years.

Yes, I really did spend 6 to 8 hours every day practicing hand lettering in addition to having a day job. No, I didn’t do anything else. I sacrificed everything. I dedicated my life to the craft because I enjoyed it. It wasn’t making me any money, but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of pursuing it.

I created lettering for two years. Nearly every day I posted, nobody noticed in the first two years. Nobody cared.

Until they did.

Here’s Why You Should Go to Creative South

You may have heard about this little conference in cozy Columbus, Georgia called Creative South.

It’s like a well-kept secret. You certainly aren’t ever going to stumble across it accidentally because—let’s be honest—it’s practically in the middle of nowhere. You’re never just going to “find” yourself in Columbus, Georgia like you would San Francisco or New York City.

But there’s a certain southern charm and hospitality that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ve never known friendliness until you meet the generous reception that is Creative South.