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Make A Living With Your Passion

Doing what you love full time is possible. I’ll show you how to make it a reality.


Serious about growing your business? Want to join a community of entrepreneurs who are doing the same? Connect with many like-minded individuals in the Community who are eager for camaraderie and accountability.

“It is the insightful discussion with creative friends you wish you had after listening to every seanwes podcast.”

“The seanwes community has been an incredible resource that has sparked a significant change in my life.”

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Every Wednesday and Friday, I put out a fresh new podcast episode centered around helping you make a living with your passion. It’s being said, “This podcast sets the standard of what podcasting should be,” and that “every episode has at least 5 inevitable takeaways.”

Others are saying, “Put simply, I dare anyone to listen to one episode and not go on a binge listening spree.”

You’ll get tangible insights on creativity and business, delving into topics like growing your audience, making more money freelancing, marketing and selling products online, overcoming creative block, handling fear of failure, time management, and much more.

I guarantee you’ll come away from every episode inspired.

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165: The Community Episode

We just returned from a conference and we’re feeling that conference high. You know, where you’re super inspired and fired up from spending time with incredible people and you feel like you’re ready to take on the world.

I remember I used to feel this feeling once or twice a year when returning from a conference. But then it would slowly dissipate. The coals of my inspirational fire would cool and I yearned once again for the engaging discussions with likeminded people.

The Community is like the conference experience you love, but it’s with you every day and right in your pocket.

Cory Miller joined the Community on May 8th, 2014. Over the course of a year, I got to know Cory really well. He completely turned his life around. He went from gaming every single day to growing his own apparel brand.

I loved what he was doing so much that I ended up hiring him to become the full time Product Director at seanwes. I got to hang out with Cory at the conference and he also drove down to the studio to join us for this episode while he was in Texas.

This past week, we were fortunate enough to hang out with 19 of our Community members who attended the conference. What incredibly genuine people they were! It was remarkably un-weird how normal it felt to meet them in person.

While I was there, Colin (pictured bottom left) told me he wished I’d done an episode of the podcast dedicated exclusively to the Community. He just joined a few weeks ago and he said he’s kicking himself for not joining sooner. He faults me for not pushing him over the edge and I accept the blame—so now we dedicated an entire episode to the Community.

We take you behind the scenes of the Community and show you what goes on inside and what it’s like. Other members also share their experience and what kind of a positive impact it’s had on their lives.

164: Full Price or Free

There are only two prices where a product or service is acknowledged for its full value: full price or free.

For full price it’s obvious: when someone purchases at the full amount, they value for the full amount.

When a buyer purchases a discounted product, they don’t see the original price as the value—they value it at the discounted amount.

The only way to win by discounting is to become a discount brand. Discounts are always a devaluation.

Giving someone a gift or doing work pro-bono is giving them something of full value at no cost. Unlike with discounts, the recipient of the gift values it at the full amount.

In this episode, you’ll hear why I never ask clients for a budget and why discounting not only sacrifices your long-term profitability and brand perception, but it’s a big middle finger to your past customers. I talk about you what to do instead to create urgency and sell.

Business Blog

How To Focus and Eliminate the Possibility of Interruptions

Do you want to set money on fire?

I don’t think anyone does, but most people do something that’s equivalent.

Workers are interrupted once every 10.5 minutes on average.

That’s not even the worst part: studies show it takes on average 23 minutes to regain focus.

7-minute interruptions cost you a half hour in actual focused work time.

How to Show Up Every Day

Commitment is hard.

I recently witnessed someone say they were going to start a new video show. In an introductory video, they were trying to build up momentum to the launch of the show.

They mentioned it’d be a weekly show, but then they said something that made my heart sink a little: “It’ll usually be on Fridays.”


Does that word sound familiar? “I hope to stick with my new blog.” Ever catch yourself saying that? “I’ll do my best to get a new podcast out weekly.”