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058: What Are You Building an Audience For?

057: How Do I Reach People Who Are Different From Me?

056: Using Color and Imagery to Communicate With Purpose

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054: Develop a Vision Others Can Get on Board With

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051: Knowing When To Call It Quits

050: The “Aha!” Moment in Understanding Your Target Audience

049: The Litmus Test for Brand Consistency

048: Owning Your Assets and Finding Safety in Originality

047: Quality, Quantity, and Brand Dilution for Mass Appeal

046: What to Focus On When Getting Started Feels Overwhelming

045: What if My Brand Story Isn’t Compelling Enough?

044: Redefining the Center of Your Brand’s Narrative

043: Culture and the Modern Global Brand

042: Why Your Communication Skills Are Crippling Your Brand and How to Improve

041: Deciding Where Your Brand Needs Deeper Investment

040: When to Outsource the Things You Can Do Yourself

039: Tips for an Engaging and Goal-Achieving Website Experience

038: How to Produce Lifelong Relationships Through Exceptional Customer Service

037: Dealing With Algorithm Changes on Social Platforms

036: Behind the Scenes of Our Own Brands

035: Why Your Messaging Is Chasing Away Leads and How to Fix It

034: Building a Magnetic Brand

033: Lessons We Can Learn From Crowdfunding

032: The Four Tiers of Brand Language

031: Being Proud of What You’ve Built

030: What Am I Supposed To Name My Brand?

029: The Relationship Between Time and Money

028: Scaling Your Productivity

027: Managing Feedback

026: Your Failed Brand Isn’t a Failure

025: Finding Harmony Between Outside Attention and Inside Growth

024: Your Next Ten Years

023: The Case for Consistent Usernames

022: The Benefits of a Sub-Brand

021: Stories That Bring People to You

020: Leverage Your Unique Advantage to Make Your Brand Stand Out

019: Narrow Your Focus and Win With Specialization

018: Stop Redesigning Everything

017: Regaining the Momentum You Started Out With

016: There’s No Substitute For Your Own Platform

015: The Pros and Cons of Rebranding

014: The Numbers Don’t Matter

013: Approaching the New Year With Intentionality

012: Too Much Planning, Not Enough Execution

011: Context Is More Important Than Your Content

010: Storytelling, Part 2 – Crafting a Narrative

009: Storytelling, Part 1 – Your Brand Story

008: The Power of Exclusivity

007: Communicating Clearly Through Visual Identity

006: How To Maintain Consistency Across Social Platforms

005: Set Your Brand Apart With Content Marketing

004: Understanding Brand as Personality and Why It Matters

003: Defining Your Target Audience

002: Values, Mission, and Purpose

001: What Is a Brand?