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The Importance of Staying Consistent Even When It's Hard

083: The Importance of Staying Consistent Even When It’s Hard

Saturday, August 12, 2017 – 21 minutes

Over the years of building a brand, growing a business, or pursuing a passion, everything comes in cycles. Just like in life, there can be seasons of plenty and of need, times where it seems like success overflows and times where it seems you can’t find any.

Our experiences often swing in pendulum, with varying amounts of time between the extremes, and sometimes we find ourselves in the most difficult seasons with no apparent relief.

The stress feels endless, there’s too much work, too many projects, too many expectations, too many deadlines, not enough time, not enough resources.

Other times it may just be difficult to stay the course. You’ve been working hard for years and you haven’t seen the results you want.

How long do you keep showing up when it’s hard? How do you find purpose in the difficult times?

In this episode, I want to talk about three primary reasons I believe consistency is important, especially in the hard times.

Turn Unhappy Customers Into Golden Opportunities For Growth

082: Turn Unhappy Customers Into Golden Opportunities For Growth

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – 56 minutes

The universal aspect of business is at some point you’re going to have to deal with another person, and if you’re trying to *stay* in business, there will have to be some sort of monetary exchange.

Even if you have a product or service that you give away for free, you’ll still need to have people using it. That’s the point, after all.

When you have people buying your product or using your service, at some point you’ll have to deal with an unhappy customer.

It could be a product that was damaged in shipping, a tool that doesn’t work as expected, issues with the service, website downtime, or any infinite number of problems. Support tickets, refund requests, and angry emails become more likely as more people encounter your brand.

It’s not fun, it’s unavoidable, but it can be a great tool if you know how to handle it correctly.

In today’s show, we’ll be talking about how to deal with unhappy customers, critical emails, refund requests, and why your process for handling these things is important for your brand.

Collaborate and Reach New Audiences

081: Collaborate and Reach New Audiences

Saturday, July 29, 2017 – 46 minutes

Feel like you haven’t been able to expand how you want? Seems like you’re just spinning your wheels and hustling but you’re looking for another push?

It might be time to consider collaboration.

Collaboration is when two parties unite together to produce something that will appeal to both of their audiences. This can open up a lot of opportunities and work to benefit both you and the other brand.

There are a lot of ways you can seek out collaboration, and in this show we’re going to go over some ways you can seek out collaboration with others.

Building Your Personal Brand Into Something Bigger

080: Building Your Personal Brand Into Something Bigger

Saturday, July 15, 2017 – 43 minutes

One of the realities of doing anything in this world is that you’re always building up a perception about yourself. People are going to feel and think things about you, no matter what.

Naturally this means that everyone has a brand of some kind, whether or not you have a business or are trying to build anything.

Connecting this to what you’re doing, however, carries a lot of weight.

What is a personal brand, anyways? Is it as simple as slapping your name on something and calling it good?

On today’s show, we’ll be talking about personal branding, how to scale when it’s just you, and some of the perks (and challenges) of the personal brand.

Dealing With Haters (How to Stay Sane and Cope With Stress)

079: Dealing With Haters (How to Stay Sane and Cope With Stress)

Saturday, July 8, 2017 – 36 minutes

Let’s talk about haters.

If you’ve been around the internet for more than five minutes, you might have seen or heard someone complaining about “the haters” or saying catchphrases like “haters gonna hate”.

It’s generally used to describe a negative or critical person, specifically in relation to you or your brand. It’s not even just complaints or frustrations, but any sort of criticism that might come at you, both online and offline.

Can you escape it? Is there a magic way of preventing this kind of criticism?

On today’s show, I want to talk both about what to do when people are negative towards you or your brand, and also why I believe the term “hater” can be more harmful than helpful.

Lessons From Uber's Successes and Failures

078: Lessons From Uber’s Successes and Failures

Saturday, July 1, 2017 – 56 minutes

In most cases we like to make each show on this podcast as timeless as possible, so we tend to talk about more high-level brand concepts. Today, however, we want to talk about Uber.

Uber is a self-defined “platform” that acts as a middleman for freelance car drivers and people who need a lift. It is in dozens of countries around the world and hundreds of cities, and its drivers have collectively completed several billion rides.

While the company has seen incredible growth and success over the last eight years, it is also subject to an incredible amount of controversy. The Uber brand has taken a significant hit, and there’s a lot we can learn from its history.

In today’s show, we’ll be discussing the Uber brand and both its successes and failures, and see what we can learn from a company whose past and future are quite shaky.

The Difference Between Mission and Vision and Why You Need Both

077: The Difference Between Mission and Vision and Why You Need Both

Saturday, June 24, 2017 – 57 minutes

Whenever you see a successful brand come to light, you usually only see the external results. A new product is released, a company is purchased, another venture begins.

For these brands, however, everything you see is the result of careful planning, execution, and unified goals.

We’ve talked about goals in the past, but today we’re going to zoom out and talk big picture.

In today’s show we’ll be talking about the difference between mission and vision, why they’re important, and what it looks like when you have incredible harmony between the two.

Don’t Just Set Goals—Set the Right Goals

076: Don’t Just Set Goals—Set the Right Goals

Saturday, June 17, 2017 – 1 hour, 8 minutes

Achieving what you want in life or in business requires a lot of good old fashioned hard work. There are no shortcuts, no remarkable hacks, just getting into the middle of things and moving forward.

Working to accomplish what you want takes more than a willingness to start or to work, it also requires direction. Knowing *what* you want is just as important as knowing *how* you plan to get it.

We talk a lot about goals on this show and for a good reason. Goals are the not only the milestones of your journey, they are the lanterns along the path that help you get to your end destination. They are meant to guide and direct, making sure that you’re staying on track.

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about how to set better goals, why goals are actually not the end result, and why setting the right goals is imperative to your success.

The Secret to Finding Success Overnight

075: The Secret to Finding Success Overnight

Saturday, June 10, 2017 – 20 minutes

You want to reach success, whatever that may look like for you, but it seems like everyone you look up to got there instantly.

Why aren’t you one of the chosen few that doesn’t have to work to be known?

Spoiler alert: you’ll have to work hard. In fact, just about every “overnight success” has worked for years to build something great.

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