Green Apple Press Custom Type Logo

Green Apple Press is a letterpress studio, focused on providing quality letterpress at an affordable price. They strive to exceed expectations and bring a smile to their client’s face. They believe letterpress media can and should be used regularly. Continue Reading »

Langstruphave Custom Type Logo

Langstruphave is a fine horse breeder in Denmark, presenting some of the finest Quarter Horses in Europe. They were looking to further distinguish themselves through fresh branding efforts that would convey an established professionalism and quality. Continue Reading »

Fabule Custom Type Logo

Fabule is startup focused on providing open-source home accessories to curious and creative individuals. They were looking to have a friendly image developed that would give a human face to otherwise geeky concepts. Continue Reading »

Jing Custom Type Logo

Jing is a Chinese music streaming service that enables users to find music using natural language by detecting mood or feeling. “Jing” is Chinese pinyin of both “elegant” and “elaborately chosen”. The goal was to create a memorable custom type mark that balanced this elegance and sophistication with a with “fun” and approachable aesthetic. Continue Reading »


This custom type logo utilizes an industrialized urban aesthetic, while simultaneously incorporating a hint of retro-futurism. It seeks to balance the timeless and modern, the downtown and the classy. The heavy slab is given a refined look through the employment of geometrically rounded serifs. Continue Reading »