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331: The Right Advice at the Wrong Time Is the Wrong Advice

330: Approval Addiction

329: How to Overcome Mental Overwhelm

328: Defining Your Big Idea

327: How to Be More Expressive in Videos and Podcasts

326: Stay Motivated

325: Curate What You Share

324: Choosing One Thing to Focus On

323: Find Your Passion By Developing Your Skills

322: The Communication Episode

321: How to Say No and Why It’s the Key to Creating Time

320: Problem: You’re Making Content but You’re Not Making Sales

319: What It Takes to Self Publish Your Own Book

318: Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Build a Team

317: The Power of Relationships: How to Increase Your Influence

316: Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

315: 3 Simple Habits to Make Your Day More Successful

314: Why Writing a Book Was the Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Done

313: How to Start a Mastermind Group

312: Do You Need an Accountability Partner?

311: Value-Based Pricing: Make More Money and Enjoy Your Work Again

310: Discover How Much Your Work Is Truly Worth (And Price Accordingly)

309: How to Get Good Clients Every Single Time

308: It’s Possible to Enjoy Client Work (Here’s How)

307: You Must Sell – A Free Chapter From the Overlap Book

306: How to Build a Community

305: Why You Should Build an Audience

304: Feel Like Everything You Have to Say Has Already Been Said Before?

303: No Really, It All Starts With Writing

302: How to Get Every Single Person in Your Life on Board With Your Vision

301: Stay Motivated With Your Goals Throughout the Whole Year

300: How I’m Building the Best Place to Work in the World

299: Going From Finding Your Passion to Actually Starting a Business

298: 5 Important Things to Consider When Putting on Your First Conference

297: How to Pitch Yourself in Six Seconds, 60 Seconds, or 10 Minutes

296: How to Be the Tortoise in a World Where Only Hares Make the Front Page

295: Turn Casual Visitors Into Loyal Customers

294: Building a SaaS Company: Going All In on CommunityTalk (and future plans for seanwes)

293: Ever Wish You Could Clone Yourself?

292: A Recap of seanwes conference 2016

291: How to Actually Become the Person You Say You’ll Be in 20 Years

290: What Should You Give Away for Free vs. Sell?

289: Why You Should Build a Writing Habit (And How to Get Started)

288: Make Money Faster by Not Doing Content Marketing Right Now (And What to Do Instead)

287: How to Stop Feeling Stuck Creatively (in 60 Seconds)

286: How to Be Patient So You Can Win the Long Game in Business

285: Don’t Compete—Dominate!

284: Figuring Out Your Business Model

283: Why You Need to Publish at Least Weekly if You Want People to Care

282: Overlap: Get From the Life You Have to the Life You Want

281: What’s Inside seanwes membership?

280: Why You Should Engage in a Community Even Though You Think You Don’t Have Time

279: Gold Miner: Finding Value in Unexpected Places

278: The One Thing You Lack That’s Keeping You Broke (Hint: It’s Not Money)

277: Preparing for the Virtual Reality Future and Why You’ll Be Affected Whether You Like It or Not

276: Dark Social, One-to-One Engagement, and Doing the Unscalable Things

275: Creative Ideas to Help You Quickly Get More Products on the Shelf

274: The First Thing to Make and Sell When You’re Just Getting Started With Products

273: The Only Two Numbers That Matter and Why You Can’t Make Money

272: Finding Your Focus When You’re Doing Too Many Things and Feeling Overwhelmed

271: Let’s Get Real About Why You’re Not Making Money

270: How to Create an Interesting Story That Gets People Addicted to Tuning in to Your Content

269: How to Have Six Months of Income Saved in the Bank

268: How to Take Off a Week Every Seven Weeks Even if You Can’t Afford To

267: Future Vision for seanwes and Why the Podcast Is Switching to Once-a-Week Output

266: Value-Based Pricing (Part 3 of 3): Price With Confidence, Increase Value, & Increase Profits

265: Value-Based Pricing (Part 2 of 3): Find Clients That Pay What You’re Worth

264: Value-Based Pricing (Part 1 of 3): Make More Money While Doing Your Best Work

263: How and Why to Host a Workshop Before You Create an Online Course

262: How to Get Your Spouse On Board 100% Even if They’re Scared

261: Using Clarity in Your Message So People Take Action and Don’t Miss Your Point

260: “Old” is a Mindset: How to Avoid Getting Left Behind

259: The One Rule You Must Remember to Get High-Value Clients Who Pay You More to Work Less

258: 5 Tips for Writing an Effective About Page When You Don’t Like Talking About Yourself

257: Planning Your Day for Maximum Efficiency in Under 5 Minutes and Still Accounting for Unplanned Events

256: How to Defeat Scarcity Mindset

255: You Can’t Afford to Sell Things for Cheap

254: A Conversation With My Brother Ryan About Positive Mindset

253: What if the Internet Went Away?

252: The Magic of 7

251: The Importance of Cash Flow

250: Own Your Life by Taking Responsibility for Everything

249: How to Be Successful (and 3 Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately)

248: Why You Should Be Teaching What You Know Right Now

247: Unexpected Business Lessons From Nature

246: How to Develop a Writing Habit and 3X Your Business

245: Build Your Own Platform

244: Save, Build, Buy the Life You Want in Cash

243: Building a Lasting Legacy

242: Find Your Why and the Reason You Do What You Do

241: How to Become a Learning Machine

240: 4 Keys to Growing an Audience

239: The Long Game

238: How to Learn and Grow From Mistakes

237: When Is the Best Time to Break a Commitment?

236: The Weight of Your Word

235: Reverse Engineering a $500,000/Year Business

234: How to Build Business Assets the Smart Way

233: Get More Time in a Day, Increase Your Focus, and Accomplish All of Your Goals

232: Planning Your Next Year

231: Reduce Stress and Do Better Work by Creating Margin

230: Why You’re Internet Famous and Still Broke

229: Behind the Scenes With Sean and Ben

228: Doing the Unscalable Things

227: How to Learn on Hyper Speed

226: Your Smart Phone is Costing You

225: Why Your Parents Probably Can’t Teach You to Be Successful

224: How to Cure Perfectionism

223: How I Sell Without Using Discounts

222: Why I Don’t Offer Payment Plans for My Products

221: If Social Media Went Away Tomorrow, What Do You Have?

220: seanwes conference – Think Bigger, Grow Your Business

219: The Case for Evergreen Content

218: Creating Content That Markets Your Launch

217: Backwards Building

216: Your Future Audience Is Bigger Than You Think

215: 10X Your 10X – Thinking Bigger

214: When to Start Charging for Things

213: Sales Is Not a Dirty Word – Why You Need to Learn to Sell

212: Defeat Imposter Syndrome & Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

211: Busting the Myth That Daily Emails Are Bad (and How to Do Them Right)

210: How to Overcome the Fear of Going to Conferences as an Introvert

209: Unsolicited Advice – Recap of A Mastermind Retreat

208: Mastering the Effective Elevator Pitch

207: #6amclub – Revolutionize Your Day by Changing Your Routine

206: Level Up Your Business (Part 4 of 4): Optimize

205: Level Up Your Business (Part 3 of 4): Maximize

204: Level Up Your Business (Part 2 of 4): Overlap

203: Level Up Your Business (Part 1 of 4): Focus

202: Show Up Every Day

201: Feel Guilty When You’re Not Creating?

200: This is Only the Beginning

199: Behind the Scenes of a $177,803 Hand Lettering Course Launch That Made the First Six Figures in 26 Hours

198: Keeping an Open Mind

197: Being Your Own Client

196: Don’t Be Your Own Worst Boss

195: The Customer Experience

194: Doing Too Many Things at Once? Here’s What to Do Instead

193: Automating When You Can’t Afford to Hire Yet

192: Who Are You Positioning Yourself Around?

191: The Hustle Never Stops (Part 2)

190: The Hustle Never Stops

189: Finding Your Passion

188: Why I Work Hard

187: 3 Reasons to Stop Checking Your Inbox in the Morning

186: How to Self-Promote Without Feeling Like a Loser

185: Money Mindset With Your Spouse

184: Artist vs. Business Person – Must They Be Exclusive?

183: How to Repurpose Your Content

182: Client Communication: Starting the Relationship Off On the Right Foot

181: How to Establish Yourself as a Teacher in a World of On-Demand Education

180: Developing the Tenacity to Accomplish Your Goals No Matter What

179: 7 Ways to Encourage More Word of Mouth Referrals

178: How to Resist Shiny Object Syndrome, Do More of What Works, & Double Your Revenue

177: How to Determine What Your First Product Should Be

176: Audience Building: Getting People’s Attention & Increasing Your Influence

175: How to Make Time When You Just Don’t Have Any

174: Bouncing Back From Failure

173: Relationship Marketing 101

172: When Is It Okay to Take a Break From Routine?

171: 6 Tips for Dealing With Confrontation

170: Can Your Business Be on Too Many Social Platforms?

169: How to Prepare for Public Speaking & Tips to Overcome Fear

168: Let’s Talk About Some Practical Ways to Reduce Stress

167: Tips for Making Next Tax Season Less Stressful

166: 4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Afraid to Niche Down

165: The Community Episode

164: Full Price or Free

163: Why I Don’t Allow Comments on My Website

162: They’re Going to Put You in a Box

161: 6 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

160: Nailing Your Product Launch the First Time

159: Getting Started With Email Marketing

158: How to Get the Most Out of Conferences

157: Should Artists Work for Free Just Because a Business Gives to Charity?

156: How to Defeat Scarcity Mindset

155: Freeing Yourself From Golden Handcuffs

154: Perseverance and Sticking With Commitments

153: The Magic of 7

152: Take Advantage of What Works

151: The Most Important Thing

150: 8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving

149: 6 Ways to Stay Motivated (and How to Find Drive in the First Place)

148: Taking Donations vs. Taking Investments

147: The Nuts and Bolts of Value-Based Pricing

146: Attracting Clients and Positioning the Conversation Around Value

145: Getting Started With Value-Based Pricing

144: The Case for Professionalism

143: Fear of Success

142: Taking Action

141: Optimizing Your Lifestyle for Better Productivity

140: Supercharge Your No With a Reason for Saying Yes

139: It All Starts With Writing (Again)

138: Reflecting on a Big Year That Will Soon Be Dwarfed

137: The Overlap Technique: A Crash Course

136: How to Set Goals When Long-Term Thinking is Difficult

135: Home Working: How Do You Get Work Done and Keep Things Separated?

134: Paying My Haters

133: Working Remotely: Does Location Matter in a World of Independent Entrepreneurship?

132: Screw Being “Rational”

131: Living in the Now

130: Financial Q&A

129: Do You Even Have What It Takes? I’m Being Serious.

128: Coffee vs. An Experience – Are You Selling Features or Benefits?

127: Become a Better Podcaster and Speaker by Thinking Like a Singer

126: Icebergs and Buoys – The Deeper Reasons for Doing What You Do

125: Your Two Audiences

124: How to Market Your Products or Services Without Feeling Awkward

123: Personal Name vs Business Name: Branding Pros and Cons

122: 10 Mistakes You’re Making With Clients That Cost You

121: Seriously, Am I Screwed if I Have Multiple Passions?

120: You Have 90 Days to Build Sustainable Income – What Do You Do?

119: How to Get an Extra Day a Week

118: The Fear of Losing Everything: Dealing With Stress and Catastrophic Failure

117: 62 Topic Ideas So You Never Run Out of Things to Write About

116: How to Find Your Own Unique Voice and Style

115: How to Overcome Self-Doubt, Get Rid of Anxiety, and Stay Focused

114: When to Increase the Frequency

113: The Importance of Your WHY and How To Get People on Board

112: What Is the Perfect Age to Work For Yourself?

111: Courting Your Clients and Customers

110: Behind the Scenes of seanwes: What It Takes & How Many Hours Sean Works

109: Mentorship Meeting with Sean & Ben

108: Creating Ambassadors for Your Brand When You’re Not Well Known Yet

107: Why You Need an Accountability Partner & How to Find One

106: Get More Done by Working Less

105: What if I’m Jack of All Trades and Master of None?

104: Become An Expert, Have a Happy Family & Get Your Focus Back

103: You Are an Independent Marketing Firm

102: Why It May Be the Wrong Time to Pursue Your Passion

101: How to Find Your Passion

100: The $1,000 Giveaway

099: How to Read Minds

098: What Happened When I Consolidated 20,000 Email Subscribers

097: Spouse Episode: The No-Debt Mentality

096: Boosting Creativity by Reducing Choice

095: Overcoming the Fear of What Other People Think and Doing Your Best Work Anyway

094: Goals & 5-Year Plans

093: Lessons Learned From Running Businesses in 3 Different Industries

092: 4 Keys to Growing an Audience When You Feel Like You’re Not Getting Recognition

091: How I Prevent Unwanted Spending Even Though I’ve Never Had A Budget

090: Taking Vacations When You Love Your Work

089: Building Customer Trust With The Long Game Mindset

088: The 2-Letter Secret to Creating More Time

087: 10 Myths Creative People Tell Themselves

086: Why You Should Quit Your Job

085: Failure Does Not Exist

084: Using The Overlap Technique With Multiple Businesses

083: How to Make A Podcast Successful Long-Term

082: Making A Living With the Trifecta Part 3 of 3: Teaching

081: Making A Living With the Trifecta Part 2 of 3: Products

080: Making A Living With The Trifecta Part 1 of 3: Client Work

079: Switching To A New Passion & Leaving What You’re Known For

078: Growth Scaling Part 3 of 3: Facilitating & Future Focus

077: Growth Scaling Part 2 of 3: Hiring & Helping Hands

076: Growth Scaling Part 1 of 3: Systems & Superhero Syndrome

075: Why Early Birds Beat Night Owls Who Don’t Wake Up Early

074: Curate What You Share

073: The Struggles of Networking: Conflating Introversion & Extroversion

072: Small Scale Sabbaticals

071: Positioning Yourself Around Success

070: Curation vs. Fragmentation – When Do You Separate Work From Multiple Passions?

069: Build Your Platform – Not Someone Else’s

068: You Have One Life – Set Bigger Goals

067: Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Teaching What You Know

066: Growing Your Audience Through the Power of Consistency

065: The “Like” Drug – Focusing on What Matters

064: Two Prices: Full Price & Free

063: Dealing With Resistance & Getting Stuff Done

062: What If I Try Really Hard and I’m Just Not Good Enough?

061: The Relativity & Absolutism of Normalcy

060: How Learn Lettering Made $80,000 in 24 Hours With the First $10k in 30 Minutes

059: Why Competitors Are Not a Threat & The Reason You Should Be Announcing Your Product Launch Ahead of Time

058: Fear of Failure

057: How to Make a Living with Your Passion Without Going to College

056: Eliminating Scarcity Mindset & Recalibrating Your Perspective

055: Preserving Your Sanity by Creating Margin

054: Pre-sales: Are they the right option for your product?

053: The Magic of 7 & Why Your Voice Matters Even When Half a Dozen People are Saying the Same Thing

052: The Overlap Technique

051: Getting Better on Purpose with Deliberate Practice

050: Weathering the Seasons of Your Passions

049: Defeating Lack of Motivation With a Vengeance

048: The Two Approaches to Client Work Illustration

047: Spouses Episode – Behind the Scenes as Married Couples with Entrepreneurial Careers

046: How to Make More Money Freelancing by Pricing Your Projects on Value

045: Opportunity Looks Like Hard Work

044: Intentional Creativity & Sticktoitiveness

043: The Business of Busyness: A Chronic Creator’s Struggle

042: Why You Need an Email List & How to Master Your Marketing

041: Your Idea is Worthless. The Sooner You Realize the Better.

040: How to Price Products Effectively by Focusing on Value

039: It All Starts With Writing

038: Speaking With Conviction & Managing Feedback

037: The One Concept Approach: How a Professional Designs A Logo

036: The Pressure to Outdo Your Last Successful Thing

035: Crafting the Right Questionnaire to Attract the Clients You’ll Love

034: The Importance of Networking Within Your Industry

033: How I Grew My List by More Than 2,000 Subscribers in 72 Hours

032: Behind The Scenes of Selling Physical Products Online

031: Getting Real, Constructive Criticism & Feedback On Your Work

030: Discovering Your Passion & Sticking With One Pursuit

029: Who’s In Charge?

028: How to Use Social Media to Craft a Compelling Brand Story

027: Rethinking Your “Down” Time

026: Creating A Productive Workspace

025: Being Your Own Client

024: Finding Clients While Maintaining Professionalism

023: Can You Specialize Too Much?

022: Staying True to Your Target Audience & Delivering Value

021: Overcoming Creative Block

020: How To Stay Focused & Productive at Work

019: 4-Step Formula to Deliberate Practice

018: Like Count, Follower Numbers, & Value Perception

017: Perseverance & Finding the Drive

016: Making Sure Things Get Done – Are you Setting the Right Goals?

015: Licensing Art & Design – It’s Time You Learned

014: Making a Living at a Niche Pursuit with “The Trifecta”

013: You Design The Content

012: Quitting: What Are You Not Doing to Make Something More Important Possible?

011: Defining the Right Type of Client

010: Why You Already Have a Personal Brand, and How You Can Shape It Instead of Letting It Shape You

009: The 3 Groups of People and How Learning Can Set You Apart

008: Unlocking the Power of Value-Based Pricing (Hint: It’s More Than Flat Rates)

007: The Simple Way to Increase Your Influence

006: How to Know the Right Time to Ship What You’re Making

005: Introversion & Making a Point to Build Relationships

004: Guilt-Free Free Time

003: How I Sold My First Business & What I Could Have Done Better

002: Embracing Your Unique Voice in a World Where Everything Has Been Said

001: Doing What You Love With The Overlap Technique