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068: You Have One Life – Set Bigger Goals

Wednesday, April 23, 20141 hour, 18 minutes

This is a big show. I’m going to challenge you. I get real and I talk real numbers. I step out of my comfort zone to motivate and inspire you to set bigger goals—goals that make your biggest dreams look small. Ben asks if it will be a potentially life-changing episode—I say yes, but not “potentially”. It will be a life-changing episode. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll certainly come away with a renewed vigor and a very specifically-defined goal that you will undoubtedly accomplish.

067: Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Teaching What You Know

Friday, April 18, 20141 hour, 8 minutes

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach—right? WRONG. You should be teaching right now, exactly where you are. It doesn’t matter if other people are teaching the same thing or if other people have more experience than you. Teaching what you know is invaluable, and it’s not only good for establishing yourself as an expert but it helps you understand what you know even better.

Taking time to teach doesn’t slow down your learning—it actually accelerates it. You’ll hear why it doesn’t matter if you teach something wrong and the reason you don’t have to have an audience before you teach.

066: Growing Your Audience Through the Power of Consistency

Wednesday, April 16, 20141 hour, 31 minutes

The key to success is actually quality AND quantity. Yes, the former is more important but it takes both—which requires hard work over time.

In this goodness-packed episode, we cover building your audience from zero, getting traction, the benefits of scheduled output, the kind of promise to make, what do you if you break that promise, why going viral is not the goal, how to grow your email list, where to place your opt-in box, what kind of content to put in your newsletters, and why word of mouth is the best kind of referral. Whew!

065: The “Like” Drug – Focusing on What Matters

Friday, April 11, 20141 hour, 28 minutes

Everywhere you look online, you see little counters. Everything is “likable” and every “like” inflates a counter. But what does the counter mean? What does it represent? Does it convey value? Is it an indication of worth?

I had a very real conversation with a few close friends. What I’ve found is that we have common struggles. Notoriety on the internet is such a strange thing and if we’re not careful, we can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of acclamation.

064: Two Prices: Full Price & Free

Wednesday, April 9, 20141 hour, 18 minutes

I talk a lot about my two prices, full price and free, but we haven’t discussed it fully at length all in one place. Here we have the canonical two-prices episode where we compare full price and free, discuss the problem with discounts, the one exception for using discounts, why good friends pay full price, the only reason your price should ever go down, the benefits of pro-bono, how to get pro-bono clients, the reason long-term thinking and setting the bar high is the best way to make the most money, how to run effective giveaways, and why you should never, ever, cold-call clients.

063: Dealing With Resistance & Getting Stuff Done

Friday, April 4, 201456 minutes

In another one of our conversational-style episodes, Ben and I talk about the 3 kinds of unfinished projects, identifying resistance points, when to push through and when to just abandon dead projects. While being able to switch between micro and macro modes can be helpful, it can also result in sensory overload. We discuss ways to focus on one thing at a time—both with individual tasks, and projects as a whole.

062: What If I Try Really Hard and I’m Just Not Good Enough?

Wednesday, April 2, 20141 hour, 9 minutes

This episode is dedicated to a bit of feedback we got on the topic of feeling “not good enough.” What do you do when you’ve tried but fallen short? What if things just don’t seem to be working out? Do things just come easier for some people? Where does natural talent and acquired skill separate from hard work and deliberate practice? Can anyone with enough time, passion, patience, and practice develop the skills needed to truly follow their passion full-time?

We dive into these questions and talk about evaluating whether something is the wrong thing, or maybe just the right thing in a time of resistance. We touch on the internal rewards of hard work, why finding you don’t enjoy something isn’t a dead end, and finally the value of iterating in public.

061: The Relativity & Absolutism of Normalcy

Friday, March 28, 201459 minutes

I recently shared very specific launch revenue numbers from Learn Lettering because I wanted to show people that it’s possible to make a living pursuing your passion. However, I didn’t want the fact that I was sharing such detailed information to detract from the fact that I’m just a normal guy doing working hard, doing what I love.

It was that last sentence that stood out to a friend when I explained this. “But you’re not normal,” he said. This bit intrigued me. In this show, Ben and I talk about normalcy and how everyone has the opportunity to sacrifice—we just often don’t want to.

060: How Learn Lettering Made $80,000 in 24 Hours With the First $10k in 30 Minutes

Wednesday, March 26, 20141 hour, 24 minutes

If you’re looking at this in your podcast app, you’ll definitely want to read the 4,000 word case study I wrote at I take you behind the scenes and break down everything leading up to the successful launch.

059: Why Competitors Are Not a Threat & The Reason You Should Be Announcing Your Product Launch Ahead of Time

Wednesday, March 19, 201445 minutes

I had to take off another week from the podcast to finish producing my Learn Lettering courses. While that meant canceling the normal recording schedule with Ben, I was able to record an episode with my good friend Matt when he was over last week so you still have a show!

We talk about effective product launches, backwards-building products, the non-threat of competitors, the benefits of collaboration and networking, necessary sacrifices, and go behind the scenes on the production of Learn Lettering.

058: Fear of Failure

Friday, March 14, 201442 minutes

One of the most common responses I received after sending out the question, “What is the biggest challenge you have in pursuing your passion full time?” was “Fear of failure.” Today, we dissect failure, and get to the deeper issues of the mindset needed to face this fear. We talk about why there is no such thing as a person who is a failure or a person who is a success.

057: How to Make a Living with Your Passion Without Going to College

Wednesday, March 12, 20141 hour, 3 minutes

My brother randomly stopped by my house the other day. His visit was unexpected, but welcome. After a few minutes of catching up, he asked for my advice on college—specifically, if it was worth his while.

Now, my brother is a phenomenally talented pianist. He has a day job, but he’s planning to move on from it soon and he’s wondering if he should go to college or pursue his passion in music. He doesn’t particularly have anything he wants to go to college for, it’s more that he feels he needs a goal of some sort in this coming season of his life.

In this episode, I recap with Ben the conversation I had with my brother. We get to talking about the reasons for and against college, how to make your own path if you don’t go to college, and I decide to finally go into detail on my strict No-Debt Mentality.

056: Eliminating Scarcity Mindset & Recalibrating Your Perspective

Friday, March 7, 20141 hour, 1 minute

Scarcity Mindset is operating out of fear. It results in making compromising decisions because you are scared that you won’t be able to pay your immediate bills. It’s a good thing to live within your means. But it’s a bad thing to allow scarcity to breed shortsightedness and keep you focused only on the now.

Scarcity Mindset only ever breeds more of the same. You won’t ever get ahead of it. You have to start by making decisions. You have to start by changing the way that you think even when you’re not where you want to be yet. We talk about how to adopt a success-oriented mindset.

055: Preserving Your Sanity by Creating Margin

Wednesday, March 5, 20141 hour

We want to say “Yes” to good things. A great project with awesome people? Yes! An opportunity to speak? Yes! Create an awesome product on the side? Of course! But saying “Yes” to too many good things can leave us in a place where we don’t have the freedom to say yes to something that would be great.

Margin decreases stress. Margin helps you look at your current projects objectively and plan for the future. Margin enables you to act on spur-of-the-moment inspiration. We look at how to create margin, how much margin is enough, and if there’s such thing as too much.

054: Pre-sales: Are they the right option for your product?

Friday, February 28, 20141 hour, 11 minutes

Pre-sales can be an effective way of getting something built that you might not have the capital for, but I think people often don’t consider the costs. I see a lot of people jumping to the pre-sale model without weighing the pros and cons.

You have to remember that the WHOLE experience is a part of your product. That includes wait time just as much as it includes the quality of materials that you use. We talk about bootstrapping and why it’s not just for people that already have large audiences.

053: The Magic of 7 & Why Your Voice Matters Even When Half a Dozen People are Saying the Same Thing

Wednesday, February 26, 201453 minutes

What’s the point of putting my voice out there? Wouldn’t my blog post just be a drop in the bucket of more experienced writers and more qualified authors who have written entire books on the topics I’m speaking about?

I share why YOUR VOICE matters, why the internet is skewing your perception, and why competitors are not the enemy. You’ll learn how to repurpose an existing message in such a way that it will resonate with a new audience. Get ready to find and embrace your own unique style.

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Sean McCabe
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Ben Toalson

You've helped me increase my success at gaining and maintaining freelance work. So much so I'm now overwhelmed at the moment.

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Thanks so much for your time putting this show together. The "tangible insights" part of the show description is my favorite because it couldn't be more accurate.

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Thank you for being so honest, for sharing your passion with everyone, for building up this community of designers, and for emphasizing the importance of professionalism within this field.

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