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It takes hearing new information seven times in order to retain it.

For people to really hear and internalize your message, they need to be exposed to it seven times.

This concept applies to products you’re selling just as it applies to relationships in your personal life.

People don’t notice announcements; they notice consistency. It takes hearing about your product or your message seven times for people to even be aware it exists!

We feel like we don’t want to be a broken record, but there are creative ways to repeat ourselves while sharing new facets of the story.

There’s nothing new under the sun. There are people sharing very similar messages to you, but you have a unique voice and a unique perspective.

The great part about The Magic of 7 is that when someone hears something for the seventh time and it resonates, they will attribute the value of that thing to you. Even if six other people put in those initial impressions, you get the credit just by being the seventh person.

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