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Why build an audience?

Some people I know are scared. They don’t want to build an audience at all.

What they don’t realize is they have two diametrically opposed goals: on the one hand, they want to stay out of the limelight and remain unknown, but on the other hand, they want everyone to like, share, and buy their stuff.

Not going to happen.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. If they don’t know you, they won’t buy from you.

Why build an audience?

β€’ You are seen as an authority.
β€’ You are able to sell products.
β€’ You are able to build community.
β€’ Launching new things gets easier.

If people see you as an authority, they’ll buy your products. When you get enough people together who like the same things, you can build a community. When you have a community, launching new things in easier because you’re never starting from scratch.

Things You’ll Learn
  • Who people buy from.
  • What an audience really is.
  • Why you need attention and you can’t stay invisible.
  • The one thing you have to do to effectively build an audience.
  • What you should go after even if you don’t want to put yourself out there.
  • How to communicate with your audience.
  • How to begin building an audience even if you don’t know your why yet.

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