The Podcast Dude Archive

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048: How to Get Started as a Voice-over Artist (With Special Guest Jay Britton)

047: Hardware Mixer VS Audio Interface

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044: You’re Going to Make Mistakes. Keep Going.

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027: Why Are You Podcasting

026: Introduction to Audio Plug-ins for Post-Production

025: How to Talk to Your Audience & Create a Deeper Connection

024: My Podcasting Process From A to Z

023: What to Do When Your Podcast Isn’t Getting Results

022: Recording Audio Anywhere with Cory McCabe

021: Preparing Your Podcast for iTunes

020: Podcast Artwork and Branding with Cory Miller

019: Dealing with Room Echo and Background Noise: Sound Proofing and Absorption for Podcasters

018: Best Resources for Learning Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

017: Using Great Outlines to Keep Your Listener’s Attention

016: What To Do When You Run Out of Topics

015: 7 Tips to Make Podcast Post Production Easier

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003: Introduction to Recording Audio

002: Podcasting Equipment Guide

001: How to Start a Podcast