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One of my favorite illustrations from Jason VanLue’s Three Pipe Problems book. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Learn Lettering Free Video Lesson #2

We look at defining whitespace containers and establish kerning principles to be applied to lettering compositions in the following lesson. This is the last of the free lessons before the full Learn Lettering courses are available on Monday, March 24th! I’ll be launching with 10 courses, 50 lessons, and more than 8 hours of highly edited, educational videos on lettering.


Learn Lettering Free Video Lesson

It’s hard to believe we’re finally closing in on the final week. This Monday, March 24th, Learn Lettering will finally be live with 10 courses, 50 lessons, and more than 8 hours of highly edited, educational videos on lettering.

Since 2012 I’ve been planning this, and for the past 8 months I’ve been exclusively building this platform. I phased out of client work in 2013 to make this a reality, and now we’re just days away. I can hardly contain my excitement.


Hand Lettered Type Anatomy

Infographic drawn for one of my Learn Lettering courses.


You can read tutorials all day, but you’ll only improve by doing

You can read tutorials all day, but you’ll only improve by doing. — Sean McCabe (@seanwes) February 18, 2014


You Are The Highlight of My Day


What Would You Do If Money Was No Object


Hand Lettering Workshop

This is a piece for an upcoming workshop I’m doing in Orlando.


Hand Lettering Workshop – AIGA Orlando

I’ll be teaching a hand lettering workshop in Florida for AIGA Orlando on February 22, 2014.

We will explore some approaches for creating different types of lettering, as well as look at how to intentionally combine different styles and create solid compositions.


Hand Lettering Process



Make e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶s̶ things.

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Deliberate Practice

Want to Learn About Deliberate Practice? I have 2 podcast episodes that go into depth on how to get better on purpose and exactly what to do to find the things you should be working on: Podcast 051: Getting Better on Purpose with Deliberate Practice Podcast 019: 4-Step Formula to Deliberate Practice


Circles Conference 2013 – A Recap

Somehow it’s been a year already and another fantastic Circles Conference has come and gone, leaving us all, yet again, considerably charged with inspiration. This year’s conference sold out with 420 attendees—well beyond twice that of the 2012 conference. I can honestly say I was immensely impressed with every single one of the talks shared.  Continue Reading »


On Saying No

On Saying “No.” We want to say “Yes” to good things. A great project with awesome people? Yes! An opportunity to speak? Yes! Create an awesome product on the side? Of course! But saying “Yes” to too many good things can leave us in a place where we don’t have the freedom to say yes  Continue Reading »


Ampersand no15


Tools Do Not A Craftsman Make

iPhone Wallpaper: