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Mind Blank? Here’s How I Get Ideas for Hand Lettering

Sean McCabe | July 3, 2015

You decided to show up. โ€œIโ€™m going to do this thing,โ€ you say to yourself. โ€œIโ€™m going to dedicate time every day to practicing hand lettering.โ€

Itโ€™s morning. You sit down at your desk in front of a blank page. The sun is just now starting to come through the blinds in the window. Itโ€™s casting a beam of light onto your fresh, white paper.

But thereโ€™s a problem: your mind is absolutely blank. You have no idea what to write. You look around frantically for inspiration, but nothing interesting stands out.

What went wrong?

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Beyond the First Idea

Sean McCabe | December 18, 2012

When it comes to thinking of a concept or approach for a design project, it’s not all that hard to have a first idea. In fact, just about everyone does. When you hold a word association experiment, you find that when given a specific word or concept, people largely think of many of the same  Continue Reading »

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