Inspiration Is Everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere, and often in unexpected places: you just have to keep your eyes open.


What’s in a Style?

I’ve talked about the good and bad types of copying before. Though there are many overlapping points, this is a tangential topic to that of my previous article. I started writing much of this in a personal response to a question posed by a good friend. Part way through, I recognized that I was writing  Continue Reading »


The Simple Hack to Producing the Extraordinary

Awe We often find ourselves admiring the incredible. Some things have an element of magic that makes them fascinating. Many will pause for a moment, in wonder or respect, and then continue on their way. But there are some of us who look a bit deeper. We notice the attention to detail and we recognize  Continue Reading »


On Copying

Let’s Talk about the Good Copying Copying is not always bad. We all start by copying. It’s how we learn. It’s how we learned language and how to speak, it’s how we learned to draw, and it’s how we learn to make letters. There’s nothing wrong with copying to learn. Did you notice the important  Continue Reading »


Don’t Worry About Acceptance from your Heroes

When we ventured into into the industry of our passion, we very quickly became privy to the clear front runners. These people inspired us and made things that we admired. Their success and their drive served as a motivation to us. Likely, they still continue to inspire and motivate us to do even better. As  Continue Reading »


Imitation • Inspiration • Creation • Innovation

Don’t resort to imitation but rather look for inspiration to further your own creation in pursuit of innovation.


Inspiration – Design Alphabet


Don’t Wait for Inspiration Take2


Don’t Wait for Inspiration