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The Fear of Being Human

Sean McCabe | January 5, 2014

If you’re like me, you’re afraid of being vulnerable. I know I’m especially afraid of being vulnerable on the internet. We believe it to be synonymous with weakness—and no one wants to appear weak. We painstakingly craft our online personas into an ideal image because it provides us a sense of security and control.

I honestly didn’t even like putting a picture of myself as my avatar. It would be much easier to hide behind an icon or logo. I hated the sound of my own voice, I certainly didn’t want to be on video, and let’s not even talk about speaking in front of a crowd!

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The Origami Artist

Sean McCabe | June 27, 2013

He spent many thousands of hours building wonderful paper crafts in his free time, simply because he loved it. What started as an evening passion, grew into a huge body of work that demonstrated remarkable versatility in style and form. In the beginning, he simply took some Instagram photos with his iPhone and posted them  Continue Reading »

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Creative South 2013 – A Recap

Sean McCabe | April 30, 2013

This year’s Creative South conference was such a highlight for me. Held in the The Loft venue in cozy Columbus, Georgia, the event was very intimate and personable. I’m from Texas, so I like the think that I know southern hospitality, but I never experienced it quite like this. The people are practically falling over  Continue Reading »

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Doing What You Love

admin | April 15, 2013

Conference Talk Video I had the privilege of speaking at Creative South this year on a topic of great significance to me: Doing What You Love. From freelance designer, to founder of a partnership web firm, to hand lettering artist, in the below video, I share the story of how I honed my interests down  Continue Reading »

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