The One Concept Approach: How a Professional Designs A Logo

When it comes to logo design, many designers deliver multiple concepts to the client in order to let them to pick their favorite one. Many even have different concept packages and an allotment of revisions. But what is the purpose of these multiple concepts? On what merit are revisions based?


Enabling Excellence in Custom Type Logos through Selectivity

Crafting custom type logos is my fervent passion. I enjoy creating a word mark that is contextually relevant to the audience of my client. My style is one of clean, readable, precision. Over-complication is something I staunchly avoid. Though while I favor simplicity, it is a uniquely charm-infused character I embrace. I receive a great  Continue Reading »


Beyond the First Idea

When it comes to thinking of a concept or approach for a design project, it’s not all that hard to have a first idea. In fact, just about everyone does. When you hold a word association experiment, you find that when given a specific word or concept, people largely think of many of the same  Continue Reading »


For Professional Eyes Only

Typographic illustration for blog post: Professionals Don’t Show Clients Wireframes