Ever find yourself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on Pinterest and suddenly three hours have passed? What about letting Netflix autoplay that next episode two or five times too many? Technology caters to our hunger to consume. On the one hand, it can seem kind of depressing, but to someone who is a creator, there  Continue Reading »

You’re guaranteed zero failures if you never try, but you’re also guaranteed zero successes.

Put out more imperfect things into the world. I know for me, I get so close to sharing something and then I just scrap it because all I see are the imperfections. I know you too. You’re a perfectionist. You often go weeks or months without sharing something because it won’t live up to the  Continue Reading »

The future will not be different. You will be as happy in the future as you purposefully choose to be happy now.

On Saying “No.” We want to say “Yes” to good things. A great project with awesome people? Yes! An opportunity to speak? Yes! Create an awesome product on the side? Of course! But saying “Yes” to too many good things can leave us in a place where we don’t have the freedom to say yes  Continue Reading »

Time ≠ Money. You can only ever obtain a limited amount of the former. Time, therefore, is infinitely more valuable than money.