Another illustration for Jason VanLue’s Three Pipe Problems book.

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Want to Learn About Deliberate Practice? I have 2 podcast episodes that go into depth on how to get better on purpose and exactly what to do to find the things you should be working on: Podcast 051: Getting Better on Purpose with Deliberate Practice Podcast 019: 4-Step Formula to Deliberate Practice

On Saying “No.” We want to say “Yes” to good things. A great project with awesome people? Yes! An opportunity to speak? Yes! Create an awesome product on the side? Of course! But saying “Yes” to too many good things can leave us in a place where we don’t have the freedom to say yes  Continue Reading »

This is an original piece for my client whose son, Judah, will be born this summer. He and his wife are preparing their nursery, and have an existing theme going. He provided several examples to indicate the stylistic direction they have in mind. He said the theme of the nursery is retro-futurism. “Think, the future  Continue Reading »

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