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Hand Lettering Sketch to Vector Process Video

Hand Lettering Sketch to Vector Process Video

Sean McCabe | July 20, 2015

I want to show you how I digitized a letterpress coaster design.

In this video, I take you step-by-step through the digitization process going from sketch to vector. I show you my software workflow, shortcuts, and even get into Pantone coloring and preparing files for a printer.

Whether youโ€™re working on a project for fun, creating your own products and working with manufacturers, or digitizing lettering for a client project, this video will give you a TON of insights.

I guarantee even seasoned pros will find a gold nugget in this video that will save you a ton of time alone. itโ€™s just chock-full of process insights and tips.

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admin | July 1, 2013

With ships and with life, you can choose Speed or you can choose Depth. If you choose speed, you will move faster but without ballast, rough seas will sink you. If you choose depth, you will move more slowly but will not sink even in rough times. iPhone Wallpaper:

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Giving is the Best Way to be Fulfilled

admin | June 24, 2013

iPhone Wallpaper: Giving doesn’t just have to be monetary. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can give is your time. It can also be the hardest thing to give. Initially, you may feel begrudgingly about giving up your time. Time is, after all, a very precious resource. But when we give that time freely to  Continue Reading »

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