A Thing of Beauty

That’s what you get when you mix, smart, elegant design with high quality materials and excellent craftmanship. I know I can always find that kind of attention to detail and care with Mama’s Sauce. Even the way they package their shipments is indicative of how much they pour into their work. They did a stellar job on my “Best Camera” letterpress prints, and I recently came across a piece of work they did for themselves about a year ago. The unique “full wash” letterpress, as they called it, yielded some impressive results on their own card that really intrigued me and certainly caught my eye.

The black side of the card with the ampersand isn’t black paper, but in fact the same French Muscletone Pure White #140 that is on the front side of the card. The entire side is given a color wash of black, save for the plate’s ampersand cutout which gives it the inverted letterpress look. This means when you run your finger over the card, you can feel that the amperand is actually raised from the card as opposed to impressed.

With the white side featuring the contact information using standard letterpressing techniques, the goal is to have the impressions on both sides each be as defined as possible. The card is comprised of two pieces of 140# French paper duplexed together to create a deliciously thick, 280# gem of a souvenir. However, were the duplex to occur prior to the impressions, the second impression on the back of the card would effectively flatten out the definition of the first impression. To avoid this, they recommended we post-duplex them for maximum effect. This process does take a bit of extra work, so I slipped them a few extra bucks and they kindly post-duplexed them by hand.

If you’ll forgive the pun, I really think they’ll make a nice impression. Ok, you didn’t forgive me? Sorry about that. How about I hand you one of these the next time I see you and we’ll call it even. Deal? Sweet.