Subscribers are more than subscribers. Followers are more than followers. Customers are more than customers. Clients are more than clients.

They all share the same commonality: they’re people.

Something as simple as throwing in a handwritten note before you ship a package makes a difference you wouldn’t believe. Maybe use their first name in a tweet, or reply to a few more comments or mentions than usual. Whatever it is, take the extra time and go the extra mile.

You know those canned email responses or automatic replies? Try toning their usage back a bit. Customize your message for unique individuals. These should be used as tools and starting points that naturally save you time, but more importantly lead to further personalization. Don’t treat them as end-all-be-alls.

It’s your brand we’re talking about here. It goes far beyond the logo and print collateral. Your actions and care speak just as loud, if not louder, than your logo. The more you treat people like the humans that they are, the more they will feel appreciated and cared for.

Your appreciation will keep them, and will bring them back to you time and time again, instilling an image of quality in the mind of that person. This is your brand. This is what a logo brings to mind—the experience. When you craft a memorable experience that conveys the worth you place on each individual, you create loyalty.

It’s easy to forget. We get caught up day-to-day looking at analytics, follower count, view count, like count—if you’re not careful, people turn into statistics. It’s worth reminding yourself that people got you where you are now. People have listened to you. People have believed in you, and people have supported you.

People matter.