Somehow it’s been a year already and another fantastic Circles Conference has come and gone, leaving us all, yet again, considerably charged with inspiration.

This year’s conference sold out with 420 attendees—well beyond twice that of the 2012 conference. I can honestly say I was immensely impressed with every single one of the talks shared. Not a single presentation or speaker could be considered “filler”. A true testament to the quality of this conference.

It was a pleasure to finally connect in person and hang out with some long-time time friends, as well as make many more. I only wish the conference didn’t fly by so quickly, but then again I’m still processing the huge amount of inspiration I received, now 5 days later, and I’m not sure I’d be able to handle much more!

Part of my shortage of time during the conference might very well be due to my feverish taking of sketchnotes↓ during the talks and posting them live throughout the conference. It’s a lot of work to draw, shoot, edit, and post the notes live, but I think the effort is very rewarding, and it’s especially helpful for those at home who couldn’t make it and want to follow along. They’re also a great refresher for myself personally when looking back.

I’m already stoked about next year. And that’s not just because [SPOILER ALERT] I’ll be speaking.

Keep an eye out for those 2014 early bird tickets!



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