This year’s Creative South conference was such a highlight for me. Held in the The Loft venue in cozy Columbus, Georgia, the event was very intimate and personable. I’m from Texas, so I like the think that I know southern hospitality, but I never experienced it quite like this. The people are practically falling over themselves to be hospitable to you, especially our charismatic conference organizer, Mike Jones.

I had the opportunity to share my talk, Doing What You Love, as well as have a blast hanging out with some incredible people (speaking of awesome people, big thanks to Ryan Hamrick for grabbing the above photo).


I finally got to meet my wonderful friends at Mama’s Sauce, who expertly handle all of my prints. They also had me participate in their presentation, showing the screen printing process with a poster I designed specially for the occasion (we may have some extras that will be made available to those who could not attend—stay tuned on that front).


The talks we had were real and authentic. It only seemed appropriate to talk about the deeper, meaningful things in such a laid back town. Speaking of which, I enjoyed getting some face time with my friend Jason VanLue, with whom I’m collaborating to help bring his Three Pipe Problems book (currently on Kickstarter) to life with some hand lettered illustrations throughout. We grabbed some coffee Sunday morning, and took a photo walk around Columbus.







I was really enjoying the music at the after party, and to my surprise the band was Quiet Company out of Austin, TX! I immediately added all their albums to my Rdio, and purchased one to support them.


I usually like to use my full-size Moleskine notebook for doing sketch notes, but forgot to pack it this time. Fortunately, I had my mini Sketchnote Moleskine, which made for a fun challenge to fit everything into a small space.





Here are a few other conference write-ups: