Green Apple Press Custom Type Logo


Green Apple Press is a letterpress studio, focused on providing quality letterpress at an affordable price. They strive to exceed expectations and bring a smile to their client’s face. They believe letterpress media can and should be used regularly.

My client wanted something honest. For this venture, they were seeking the development of an identity that would be strong and memorable. A script direction was desired, but it needed to be clean and stand out.

In designing the Green Apple Press logo, I sought to employ a moderately contrasted script. I wanted to craft something unique and legible from this inspiration. The weight of the script I made has an elegant contrast that doesn’t get too thin in reduction to ensure that it continues to work well at small sizes.

Close attention was given to promoting a consistent rhythm and creating optical balance throughout the piece. On a micro level, the finer points of the forms we rounded for an added layer of subtle detail that will really make the logo shine when used at very large sizes.

The distinctive characteristics of the resulting logo provide a strong and timeless aesthetic that leaves a memorable impression.








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