Jing Custom Type Logo


Jing is a Chinese music streaming service that enables users to find music using natural language by detecting mood or feeling. “Jing” is Chinese pinyin of both “elegant” and “elaborately chosen”. The goal was to create a memorable custom type mark that balanced this elegance and sophistication with a with “fun” and approachable aesthetic.

To meet this requirement, the logo utilizes a friendly, humanistic sans serif style. It allows the identity to be approachable while maintaining a sense of elegance. Because this custom type is intended to function as a standalone logo without any accompanying iconic mark, it is important that the letterforms themselves be unique. Early sketches explored a more conventional sans-serif ‘g’, but resulted in a very plain “vanilla” conclusion that was otherwise unremarkable. The more stylistic ‘g’ is almost unexpected in its quirkiness, but this individual charm is used intentionally to further recognition and leave a memorable impression.

The weight of the type is strong, and only subtly contrasted in stroke width. It enables the logo to be very legible even at extremely small sizes. The logo maintains readability quite well at icon or avatar sizes.
The ‘j’ takes on a lowercase form to closely match the shape of the ‘i’, allowing for a visually interesting repetition of the two tittles (dots) above the ‘i’ and the ‘j’. These play an important role in enforcing the circular mark (discussed below), which serves as a secondary branding element to be utilized across various media.





The circular symbol was developed to be used as a subtle, secondary branding element throughout the web and mobile app branding. It’s not a mark that is intended to accompany the logo, but rather a shape meant to be used to influence the various branding efforts. It is derived from two circles, the inner cutout being 1/3 of the outer in diameter.

The result is very simplistic, but provides an extra level of symbolism. The ratio in the circle mark closely imitates that of a vinyl record, giving a subtle nod to early music mediums and old forms of music sharing. It also shares a minimalistic similarity with the whole note in music. Employed throughout the designs with simplified, fractal-inspired repetition in size and varied transparency, it serves to enhance continuity and recognition.


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