Do you like design? Do you like lettering? If the answer is yes to either or both of those questions, you’re in luck!

Jason Vanlue and I are collaborating on a hand-crafted book called Three Pipe Problems. He’s asked me to create over 20 custom illustrations for this book. We really want to pour our passions into making this a work of art that you will be proud to own.

Jason is a fantastic designer, writer and speaker. He has given numerous talks on the very topic he is now turning into a book. Here’s a video of his talk at Creative Mornings Orlando:

We have put this project up on kickstarter to make it possible for me to work on creating lots of beautiful lettering illustrations to be featured throughout the book. Jason’s such a great guy that’s he’s not even looking to get any advance pay to write the book—all funds are going toward the illustrative work. He really wants you to appreciate the tangible craftsmanship that is going into every aspect of this project.

As rewards, we’ll be offering various combinations of limited screen print and letterpress card sets to go along with your choice of book format (btw, I highly recommend getting the signed hardback, because it’s going to be good).

I encourage you to take your time and check out Jason Vanlue’s work and other writing as well. No doubt you are going to thoroughly enjoy this book, and it’s really a matter of getting it sooner or later, because you’re going to want it to pick it up once you see it!

Thanks so much for your support!