Here’s a free video from Learn Lettering to give you a sample of what you get with the total 10 courses, 50 lessons, and more than 8 hours of highly edited, educational videos on lettering.

Since 2012 I’ve been planning this, and over the course of 2013–2014, I spent 8 months exclusively building this platform. I phased out of client work in 2013 to make this a reality, and now it’s here.

I’m extremely excited to share all of the materials with you.

To give you an idea of what you get in the courses, I’m sharing this full, complete lesson from the 5th course in the Learn Lettering series.

It’s by no means an anomaly in terms of running time, technical depth and condensed value—rather it personifies the standard. If you enjoy this, you’ll no doubt enjoy the other 50 equally chock-full Learn Lettering videos.

Learn Lettering