I’ve long had aspirations to do some form of daily show.

I liked the idea of it, but the reality of planning, executing, and maintaining such a high frequency output is a whole other matter entirely.

This past year has been a year of investment and a year of delegation. It’s been an exercise in eschewing Superhero Syndrome and bringing on help.

My brother, Cory, has moved down from Dallas to work for me full time as Video Producer at seanwes. Later this month, my wife, Laci, will also be joining full time as Administrative Assistant at seanwes.

What I’m most excited about is being able to focus on the things that will significantly grow my business. While I enjoy editing my own podcasts, and shooting my own video, and color correcting, and finessing all of those little details, I realize that I cannot scale unless I am focused on the things that only I can do.

The hardest thing about running your own business is not giving up control of the things you hate to do or can’t do well.

It’s giving up control of the things you’re actually good at and may even enjoy.

While these tasks or facets of your business may be things you like handling, they may not be things you should be doing if you’re thinking objectively about what’s best for your business.

As I bring people on, whether they be employees or contractors, to help with producing videos, editing podcasts, writing shownotes, or managing customer support, I free up focus that I can apply to things like doing a daily video show like seanwes tv, finishing the or writing my book, The Overlap Technique, and mapping out the colossal 2015 project that is my future business courses on The Trifecta.

This is something that has been long in the works and much effort has gone into making it a reality. We’ve been recording for weeks now and have completed nearly a dozen videos prior to launching.

It’s an ambitious project and a huge investment, but as you’ll hear me talk about in tv005 below:

Where I’ll be 3 years from now will be a direct reflection of the effort I’m putting in right now.

I’ll be straightforward with you: I’m investing in you to build trust. I’m providing content to you for free on a daily basis so you can get a taste of what’s to come and see the immense value of what I have to offer.

As massive as this daily show project is, it’s the tip of the ice berg in terms of what I have in store.

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