This past week, I was interviewed by my friend, Nathan Barry, who just launched his new podcast. He was kind enough to have me on for the 3rd episode of his show: Profiting From Teaching With Sean McCabe.

I share this with you because Nathan is incredibly transparent with his all of his work, process, writing, and product launch revenues.

If you’ve been a long-time listener of my podcast, you know that I’m a huge fan of transparency. My goal is to share everything I know and everything I’ve learned in hopes that it helps you in some way. I’m not worried about giving freely because I know it comes back and I’ve known Nathan to have the same mentality.

What you’re about to hear is a completely wide open interview where I hold nothing back and share explicit details and real numbers.

Neither mine nor Nathan’s goals are ever to brag—rather we’re fully genuine with everything we disclose out of hopes that it encourages you to work hard at the things you’re passionate about. We want to demystify the process and show you that it’s not magic. We’re two normal guys working hard at things we love to do.

In fact, you’ll hear in this episode that it’s this very willingness to help and share that ended up making a big difference for both of us. It’s not a zero sum game.

Nathan Barry Show 003
Profiting From Teaching With Sean McCabe

“Today I’ve got my absolute favorite product creation and launch story to share with you. Sean McCabe started as a web design consultant, then built up a following for his true passion: hand lettering.

He then started teaching and grew a massive email list and then launched a training product. He shares the story and all the launch details (including exact revenue numbers) in this episode.”

Here’s what you’ll hear in this jam-packed episode:

  • My origin story and background (the transition from web design to lettering, and now teaching).
  • Plans for my book, The Overlap Technique.
  • The single meeting with one designer over coffee that caused me to pursue my passion.
  • How I grew an audience for lettering.
  • Why I quit client work in 2013 and what amount I saved up to produce my courses full time.
  • Behind the scenes of selling physical products online and how I got started with my very first product.
  • Why I didn’t do pre-sales on my first products.
  • How I gauged interest for products before I made them.
  • The point at which I realized I should shift my focus from products and client work to teaching.
  • What changed that led to me finally starting an email list.
  • How I went from 25 subscribers a day to 105 subscribers a day.
  • The hybrid approach to giving value up front and providing more free value in exchange for an opt-in.
  • Why it’s ok if you feel like you don’t have anything original to say because of the magic of 7.
  • Why I paid $1,000 for an email.
  • The story of how Nathan Barry added 5 figures to my launch revenue.
  • Six figures in 72 hours.
  • Why I relaunched, the reason I raised the price, and how it resulted in an extra $25k.