I want to show you how I digitized a letterpress coaster design.

In this video, I take you step-by-step through the digitization process going from sketch to vector. I show you my software workflow, shortcuts, and even get into Pantone coloring and preparing files for a printer.

Whether you’re working on a project for fun, creating your own products and working with manufacturers, or digitizing lettering for a client project, this video will give you a TON of insights.

I guarantee even seasoned pros will find a gold nugget in this video that will save you a ton of time alone. It’s just chock-full of process insights and tips.

We start in Photoshop for some initial alignment and cleanup, and then go into Illustrator where I show you how to vector your lettering using Image Trace (previously Live Trace).

I show some tips on tweaking your vector lettering and also go into how I prep the digital files for printing. You’ll learn how to set your colors to Pantone in Illustrator so your printer will know exactly what colors to use and you won’t be surprised.


Lettering Process Photos

Here’s some in-progress shots of the creation of this piece.



One Week Countdown!

Learn Lettering 2.0 launches in just 7 days on July 27th! I am so excited. Today’s digitization video is just a small taste of the all-new videos I’ll be sharing on digitizing.

I’ll be going even more into depth on Pen Tool vectorization as well. It’s gonna be good.

This week, you’ll be getting more sneak peeks from me of what’s inside the new class—including some exclusive full-length videos that are only available in the Master Class.

As soon as my video guy gets me some of the final Master Class videos this week, I’ll give you an exclusive look!


A Bonus Sketchnotes Module?!

I’m just heaping on the value here. Yes, there is going to be a bonus module on creating beautiful sketchnotes with hand lettering.

You know that you’re getting access to the Starter Class for FREE, but even though there’s over a dozen lessons in the Starter Class, can you believe that it’s only 1/5 of all the material in the Master Class?

The Master Class is 75 lessons.

The Learn Lettering Master Class is for serious artists. Inside, you’ll get access to modules on finding clients that pay well, learning to communicate with clients to prevent problems, design contracts and licensing (with templates), selling physical products, pricing on value, and even teaching hand lettering.

It’s rare for artists to be business-savvy and most business people aren’t artistically creative. The Master Class is a rare hybrid of art and business training that will help make you well-rounded and ready to attract the right kind of clients and price on value with confidence.

I’m already going to be debuting the Master Class at a special introductory rate that is 35% less that the full price.

But when you buy in the first 48 hours, I’m also going to give you a bonus module on How to Create Beautiful Sketchnotes With Hand Lettering (a $97 value) for FREE!

This isn’t a made up value. I’m actually teaching an in-person Sketchnotes Workshop at Circles Conference in September—you can actually go if you want and take the class in person with me. It costs $97. But I know everyone can’t travel out, so that’s why I will be turning the material I prepare for this workshop into a new course valued at $97. You will get access to this course for FREE when you buy the Master Class in the first 48 hours on July 27th.

To give you an idea of scale, as epic as this Sketchnotes Workshop is, the Master Class is about 15x as large! While the Sketchnotes Workshop is a $97 value, fortunately the Master Class is not 15x the price. It’s not even half of that.

I’ll have more details soon. This coming week, I’m going to be revealing more of the content inside the Master Class along with details about the special launch offer. Stay tuned for new video sneak peeks!

I was blown away and so excited to see several hundred of you participate in yesterday’s #makeonethingtoday challenge! Way to go! I had a ton of fun looking through your creations.


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