It’s FAQ time! I’ve been getting a TON of questions about Learn Lettering after yesterday’s full lesson breakdown and reveal of launch prices. I’m going to try to answer as many of the most common questions as I can today.

Please feel free to reply to any email you get from me and ask any question you like. I will respond. If you emailed me last night and I didn’t respond, it’s probably because your question is answered in this post. If you still have questions, just reach out!

Will I always have access to the class or is it just for a limited time?

Yes! Once you purchase the class, you have access indefinitely. It does not expire, there is no time limit, and you can re-watch as much as you like at your own pace.

The course is always available. It’s not a limited-time workshop or fixed to any schedule. Go through the material at your leisure and convenience.

I’m just starting out. Is Learn Lettering for me?

Yes! You’re in a fantastic spot! Certainly you will get a lot of value out of the Starter Class. However, even the Master Class is going to be tremendously helpful if you’re just starting out.

Rather than learn how to fix problems you’ve already made, you’ll learn how to completely avoid all kinds of problems in the first place. The Master Class will prepare you for business in the most practical ways. Everything from client work, to pricing, to creating, selling, and marketing physical products, and teaching.

How do I watch the lessons? Can I watch at my own pace?

Yes! When you purchase a class you’ll create an account that will grant you immediate access to all courses and lessons within.

We’ll keep track of your progress server-side as you complete each course so you can pick up where you left off at any time, even on a different device!

Will this class help me get better at hand lettering by showing the right way to practice?

Yes! You have two options: you can get better the slow way or you can get better the fast way. There is no substitute for practice, but there is a right kind of practice that will help you improve the fast way.

In this class I show you how to practice in a purposeful way that will have a significant impact on your skills and avoid wasting time.

If I buy the Intermediate Class now, can I upgrade for the difference?

Yes! We’re working on putting upgrade options in place for Learn Lettering 2.0 Intermediate Class buyers to upgrade to the Master Class. Please note that the upgrade will apply your $299 purchase amount towards the full price of the $699 Master Class. The introductory rate for the Master Class is exclusive to initial purchases during the launch period, and is not subject to further discounts or upgrades.

Is there a 100% money back guarantee?

Yes! Learn Lettering has thousands of satisfied customers. I believe strongly in the quality of Learn Lettering to not only substantially increase your lettering skills, but also for the business teachings to make you 10x of your investment back. I’ve poured my heart and soul into consolidating a gold mine of knowledge that will enable you to make a living as a lettering artist.

I confidently back it with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition.

If you’re not satisfied, just contact me within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Dane Gonzalez

I was a little worried about the price because it was all the money I had saved up. However, it wasn’t until I saw the amount of quality material within the course that I realized I couldn’t have spent that money any better.

Learn Lettering has helped me tremendously by providing the educational background to improve my lettering, as well as a roadmap to grow my passion for lettering into a sustainable freelance business.

I would recommend this to anybody serious about making a living as a letterer. The amount of value in this course will pay for itself in the long run.

Dane Gonzalez


The Quick Version

Hey, I know you’re a busy person, so I’ll make this super short for you.


  • You always have access to the class. It does not expire.
  • You can watch at any time at your own pace.
  • The Master Class is also valuable for the beginner.
  • Learn Lettering is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any questions I didn’t answer, feel free to reply to any email you receive from me and I’ll get back to you!