The countdown continues: just 5 days until Learn Lettering 2.0 launches!

It might not seem like type anatomy is relevant to lettering, but to improve, you have to be able to hold a conversation about letters.

When you get critiques on your work, others will be using these terms to talk about your lettering. Without these terms, it would be very difficult to pinpoint areas you need to work on.

Armed with an understanding of terminology, you’ll be able to follow conversations on lettering and improve your work!

Brand New Video:

Full Master Class Lesson List

Ok, prepare yourself. I’m going to show you the full list of modules and lessons inside the Learn Lettering Master Class so get can get a sense of the sheer scale of this thing.

  1. Typographic Terms & Deliberate Practice
    1. The Anatomy of Type (You’re watching this above!)
    2. Choosing Harmonious Styles
    3. Drawing Inspiration from Typefaces
    4. Deliberate Practice (Part A)
    5. Deliberate Practice (Part B)
  2. How to Draw Three Common Hand Lettering Styles
    1. Drawing Sans-Serif (Capitals)
      • Part A
      • Part B
      • Part C
      • Part D
    2. Drawing Sans-Serif (Lowercase)
      • Part A
      • Part B
      • Part C
      • Part D
    3. Drawing Serif (Capitals)
      • Part A
      • Part B
    4. Drawing Serif (Lowercase)
      • Part A
      • Part B
    5. Drawing Script (Capitals)
      • Part A
      • Part B
    6. Drawing Script (Lowercase)
      • Part A
      • Part B
  3. Digitizing Hand Lettering
    1. Digitally Preparing Sketches
    2. Creating Organic-Style Vectors
    3. Editing Vectors
    4. Creating Precise Vectors with Shapes
    5. Creating Precise Vectors with the Pen Tool
  4. Hand Lettering Tools in Use
    1. Lead Holders
    2. Microns
    3. Brush Pens
    4. Watercolor Brush Pens
  5. Mastering the Art of Letterspacing
    1. Applying Kerning Principles to Lettering (I sent you this video yesterday – link)
    2. Volumes of Negative Space
    3. Planning Out Lettering for Even Spacing
    4. Preventing & Recognizing Spacing Problems
  6. How to Design Strong Compositions
    1. Dissecting Sentences
    2. Making Thumbnail Concepts
    3. Applying Lettering Styles
    4. Creating the Composition
  7. Creating Original Artworks With Precision
    1. The Case for Originals
    2. Creating the Concept Template
    3. Transferring Designs to the Canvas
  8. Designing Custom Type Logos
    1. Concept Sketching
    2. Logo Design Vectorization
    3. Refining the Vector Concept
    4. Presentation, Guidelines & Case Studies
  9. Finding Clients
    1. How to Attract More Attention
    2. Defining the Right Type of Client
    3. Getting the Clients That Pay Well
    4. Common Red Flags to Watch Out For
  10. Client Communication
    1. Preliminary Discussion
    2. Preventing Problems Before They Happen
    3. Setting Expectations & Establishing Responsibilities
    4. Crafting the Presentation
  11. Pricing on Value
    1. Full Price or Free
    2. Uncovering Value to the Client
    3. How to Price With Confidence
    4. The True Value of a Logo
  12. Understanding & Writing Design Contracts
    1. Starting with Plain English
    2. Understanding the Terms
    3. Payments, Deadlines, & Deliverables
    4. Using the Contract Template
    5. Streamlining Contract Delivery & Getting Paid
  13. Selling Physical Products
    1. What Products Should You Start With?
    2. Marketing Physical Products
    3. Promoting Products Without Discounting
    4. Increasing Revenue
  14. The Selling Power Licensing
    1. Introduction to Licensing
    2. Understanding the Terms
    3. Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Rights
    4. Breaking Down Royalties & Advances
  15. Teaching Hand Lettering
    1. Building an Audience for Teaching
    2. Three Ways to Make Money Teaching
    3. Marketing for Maximum Sales
    4. How to Price
  16. BONUS: Sketchnote Workshop ($97 value – Free when you purchase the Master Class in the first 48 hours).

I’ve highlighted the lessons above in red that I’ve shared with you so far just to give you an idea of the scale and depth of the full class.

I’m going to be sharing another free, full-length video from the Master Class with you this week and also sharing the pricing and special launch offer.

Stay tuned!


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