We’re 4 days out. Learn Lettering 2.0 launches on Monday, July 27th. If you’re subscribed, you will be receiving free access to the Starter Class.

Of course, the Starter Class is just the beginning. Yes, it’s a TON of valuable videos (I charged $99 for even fewer modules last year than what I’m giving you for free), but it’s just the beginning.

Yesterday, I shared an exhaustive list of all the modules and lessons inside the Master Class with you.

This is a contextual education that is not just showing you how to draw letters, but giving you the confidence to work with clients and pursue lettering as a career. I show you exact emails with clients, I give you contract templates, I teach you how to price with confidence, I share insights on selling and marketing products so you don’t launch to crickets.

You’re not going to find this with any other lettering class. It is in-depth, high quality, professionalism-focused, and people are seeing real results from it.

Dina Rodriguez

Based on all of Sean’s amazing work, track record and dedication to quality, I had no hesitation at all buying the Master Class. I got the notification to buy and I purchased it right away.

This class helped shape me as a professional hand lettering artist and separated me from the hobbyists. Since this class, I’ve gotten more client inquires, higher paying gigs and more respect from the lettering community as a result.

I like how Sean broke down the different styles of hand lettering and actually walked us through how to draw each style from memory. In addition to Sean’s hands-on tips, his advice on contracts and usage rights really helped me understand the industry in a way I never had before.

This class is digestible, value packed and most importantly entertaining. I never found my self scrubbing through videos or being bored. I watched every module from start to finish sometimes multiple times in the same day just to make sure I had a solid understanding of the material.

Dina Rodriguez
Master Class Student


I’ve received some emails from people asking if there is something in between the Starter Class and the Master Class.

The answer is yes. I will also have an Intermediate Class. The Intermediate Class has the first 8 of the total 16 (including bonus) modules. It’s purely focused on lettering techniques and no business whatsoever.

I wanted to make this an option because I know some of you are saying that you don’t want to make a career as a hand letterer.

However, I will be debuting the Master Class at a very compelling introductory rate because I want you to seriously consider the Master Class anyway even if you’re thinking about getting just the first 8 modules.

There’s simply a tremendous amount of value in the business teachings that can help you in any kind of freelance or entrepreneurial pursuit. There is significant revenue potential with your work, and I want to show you how to navigate the business world as an artist and recognize the selling power of your work, whether that’s with clients or selling your own products.

Tim Brown

The class kickstarted my hand-lettering discipline and allowed me to take it more seriously with some structure to channel my enthusiasm. I have a much greater confidence about my understanding of not only lettering, but typography in general – which is, of course, a gigantic part of graphic and web design.

I appreciated the very solid and practical exercises that the class walks you through. No quick fixes, just expert advice that has to be followed up by practice. To know that you are practicing in the right direction helps you do it with confidence.

I’d recommend the class, and do, because I think connecting physically pen to paper is incredibly grounding and the class facilitates the process of the hand-lettering discipline with solid suggestions and demonstrated examples.

Tim Brown
Master Class Student


Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing two things with you:

  1. Another exclusive, full-length video from the paid Master Class.
  2. The exact pricing break down of each class and the launch bonus.

Good things are coming!


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