Tomorrow is the big day. Learn Lettering 2.0 is launching on Monday! Everyone on the team is working around the clock preparing for the launch.

I got this question yesterday:

Is there any way you could let me know when I might be able to make the money back from paying for the class? Do you know an average turn around time? I know it will no doubt be worth every penny but just trying to figure things out!

I love this question. First of all, it highlights that Learn Lettering is an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and your career. I’ve poured a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into making this class worth well over 10x the price and I believe I’ve successfully done just that.

You absolutely are going to get a return on investment, but the question still remains: in how long?

The Learn Lettering ROI

The return on your investment will depend on a lot of things! To make money as a hand lettering artist, you’ll need two things:

  1. Artistic Skills (these come from practice, which anyone can do—we’re not talking any talent you’re born with).
  2. Business knowledge (also something anyone can learn.)

Most artists have only the former, but you need both.

In the Learn Lettering Master Class, I help bridge the gap between the art and business worlds. Most people didn’t come into art through the path of business like I did. I started with business before I was artist, so this is how I naturally think! I’m not plagued by the “starving artist” mentality that is prevalent in the art world where people have the stigma that if you make money from something you’re passionate about you’re “selling out.” We all have bills to pay!

Learn Lettering will help you do several things:

  • Improve your lettering. Learn techniques for creating different styles of hand lettering and deliberate practice.
  • Grow an audience. Learn to increase your exposure and build a following who will purchase products from you.
  • Make a living. Learn how to price on value, market your services, and attract the kind of clients that pay well.

All of these things are tremendously helpful! Learn Lettering focuses on improving both your artistic skills as well as business acumen.

But each of the two are multipliers. How quickly you’ll get a return on your investment depends on where you’re at with each. If you have two zeros, well, that’s still a zero!

  • If you have mediocre artistic skills, but you understand some aspects of business, this class will help you brush up on your skills and understand core typographic principles and compositions to make visually interesting work.
  • If you’re a phenomenally practiced artist but you don’t understand business, this class will be incredibly beneficial as it will help you uncover the selling power your work already holds.

To sum it up, this class will help you develop both. So even if you’re starting out at the ground level, it will be beneficial to you. Keep in mind, there’s no substitute for practice and hard work! I show how to practice in a purposeful way that will have a significant impact on your skills and avoid wasting time, but you’ll still need to practice!

If you’re already advanced in either one of the above two areas (art or business), then this class will be a multiplier and you’ll make you investment back several fold on your very next client project.

Chai Jeffery

It’s completely transformed the way I work. Before this class I had no clue as to what I was doing. Now from completing the course I have structure, process and most importantly perspective and “know how”. Now I’m not worried if my pieces are going to turn out ok. I know they are thanks to the insight on what to practice.

There are specific and detailed instructions. The explanations were very clear and not over or under washed. Even the unfamiliar aspects are addressed in a manner that makes you feel comfortable rather then intimidated.

Nowadays it’s so hard to be in environments where you use your hands or a pencil. I for one never did much craft or art as a kid. When I wanted to learn hand lettering, for years I felt as though I missed out on having enough perspective to be able to draw. After this class, my confidence soared through the roof. Now I’m not afraid to draw lettering or anything for that matter.

Chai Jeffery
Master Class Student