I knew I was going to write a book and I knew it was going to be a hardcover book.

It had to be.

The principles inside this book are timeless and I want the physical properties of the book to reflect that.

It will be clothbound. It will be embossed. It will be high-quality.

It will be something you can give as a gift; something you can proudly hand down to your children.

The book is written in a way that does not require you to live in the current year to understand it. It is written so that the principles can be understood and applied decades from now. The content will not appear to be dated in 5 or 10 years, as is the case with so many books.

It is much easier to give someone a physical book than it is to recommend a podcast or a series of blog posts. Over the past five years, I’ve recorded hundreds of audio and video shows and written millions of words—but they’re all fragmented in many different blog posts, podcast episodes and videos.

I wanted to bring together all of these messages into a single manifesto you can hold in your hands.

Overlap brings together the past half decade of my work into one book.

  • Find what you’re actually passionate about.
  • Sustainably make money from work you enjoy doing.
  • Get more time in a day.
  • Increase your focus and accomplish twice as much work.
  • Maintain the habit of waking up early and own the day.
  • Get your family on board with your goal even if they’re scared.
  • Get out of scarcity mindset and create an abundant life.
  • Produce multiple streams of income.
  • Build an audience and make a name for yourself.

Hardcover Books Are Expensive

I knew my book would cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. I was aware of that going in.

This book is the cornerstone of all my work and will be a pillar for many years to come. It’s going to help transform the lives of thousands, and that’s a cause worth investing in.

I’ve been prepared to work hard and save up several tens of thousands of dollars to invest in the production of this book. I’m going to make it happen.

But there’s something else I have to prioritize at the moment.

In October of this year, in Austin, TX, we’re hosting the very first seanwes conference. People from all across the world are coming and it will be a life-changing event.

I’m not here to talk about the conference itself however. What I want to bring up is the fact that conferences are expensive. If you’ve been a long-time follower, you know that I don’t like to sell the attention of my audience. I don’t have sponsors and I don’t place ads on any of my content.

This means seanwes conference also does not have sponsors. Just like my podcasts and video show, the conference is entirely sponsor-free.

Conferences are expensive to put on. This is why many people take on sponsors. Putting on seanwes conference will cost us close to $100,000. I was hoping it would be closer to $40,000, but to put on the kind of event we want to, it’s going to be a lot more.

That’s a lot of money. We have it, but I can’t say at this time we have a tremendous amount more than that besides what we need to cover payroll at our 8-person company.

This meant the book had to wait until we were able to front the production costs entirely on our own.

Pre-orders Can Reward Loyalty

I was actually willing to wait.

I was going to wait until we had several tens of thousands of dollars extra to front the costs of the book and do our best to launch it and hope that it sells. That’s just how I tend to do things: I like to work hard, wait, save, and invest.

But I realized the downsides of this approach. The longer it takes for me to make the upfront cash needed to turn this book into a reality, the longer everyone who could benefit from the book has to wait.

Again, I know without a shadow of a doubt, this book is going to revolutionize your life. This book will single-handedly turn this around for you and give you such immense clarity. It’s going to turn the impossible into possible for you and I could not be more excited to get it into your hands.

That’s when I realized: you believe in me. You believe in this idea. You’ve seen the results of applying what I’ve shared with you over the past several years and you’ve heard me talk about the concept of overlapping and you want to help!

By not offering pre-orders and trying to be a hero, I was robbing you of the opportunity to invest in this project and show your support! I would also miss out on the opportunity to reward your loyalty.

I realized pre-orders were actually something that helped everyone:

  • It allows you to invest in this project and show your support.
  • It allows me to produce the book sooner and get it into your hands quicker.
  • It provides the opportunity for a pre-order bundle that includes every format of the book (hardcover, audio, and ebook) at a loyalty-rewarding rate to say thank you for your support.

Offering a pre-order bundle at a compelling rate made sense to me. Because you’re purchasing a bundle with multiple formats (plus a limited edition letterpress print), I’m able to offer it at a compelling rate, thus rewarding your loyalty.

I started getting emails from people asking if they could pre-order the eBook only. At first I was conflicted, because I didn’t have this option on the page. I couldn’t justify lowering the price on the eBook alone to reward loyalty. But I realized that this way the way that some of you wanted to support the project. Some of you prefer eBooks or simply didn’t want to spend the money on international shipping for a hardcover.

That makes sense.

So today we added an option to pre-order the eBook alone which will help you save on shipping costs.

Pre-order the Book

Giving the Book Away for Free?

This last part I’m about to share kind of flies in the face of everything else before this. It almost doesn’t make sense, but bear with me.

I just got through telling you it’s going to cost me tens of thousands to produce this book and I need your help. Why would I give away the book for free and how can I possibly do that?

Here’s the thing: I know it doesn’t make financial sense. I know I may lose money. But this book was never about money to me.

I made a promise several years ago to give away my first book for free. I intend to keep that promise.

I realize that not everyone can afford to purchase a $39 hardcover—or even $29 ebook—but I want this book to help as many people as possible.

It was never about the money for me. I was prepared to invest money and possibly never see it again. This book is about spreading a message—one so incredibly near and dear to my heart, and one that I know you need to hear. I desperately want to help you live a life of greatness.

Yes, your support is tremendously appreciated more than I can say (seriously—I couldn’t do this without you!), but if you sincerely cannot afford to pre-order the book, I want to give you the audio book for free.

Just head over to the book page, scroll down, and enter your email in the signup box. When the book launches in 2017, I will be sending a code to you (if you are on the newsletter) to get the audio book for free. The code will be good for the first two weeks at the launch.

I want you to know that my desire is to help you. If you believe in this cause and you want to support me, I appreciate each and every pre-order. Thank you for helping make this project possible.

If you’re not in a financial position to do so, know that I’m going to work hard to earn the money to create and deliver the audio book to you for $0.00 because I want to help you create freedom and enjoy your life.

Head over to the book page and subscribe to the email newsletter if you haven’t.