Don't quit your day job.

I mean, if you love it, then not quitting is already not a problem for you. But I'm talking about trying to "make it big" with your side passion.

You know: your art, your app, your agency…

Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time that you hope maybe one day might become a successful business.

Most of us have something we're passionate about on the side. Something we do in our nights and weekends.

Wouldn't it be cool to do that thing and still make a living for yourself?

Now, don't get me wrong: if you hate your job, or your boss is horrible, or the people you work with are toxic, get the heck out of there!

But then…

Find another day job.

You need financial stability.

There's a notion that if you're "really serious" you'll quit your day job and give your passion a chance.

That works for some people, but so does the lottery. I don't think it's a winning strategy.

Maybe I'm overly practical, but I needed something more sensible. Something that doesn't involve crazy amounts of risk (and the high likelihood I'd kill my passion for good if things didn't pan out).

We all know people who quit their job to pursue their passion only to end up hating what they do—or worse: having to go back to the day job, never to try again.

That's not what I want for you.

If you're like me and want something more practical—a systematic plan and logical steps for making a living from what you love—then Overlap is for you.

Overlap is the title of my new book.

When you overlap, you don't immediately quit your day job.

You use the day job as a financial foundation to support your pursuit of something else.

This does something incredible.

Rather than feel immediate financial pressure, you are free to explore, do, and try.

This exploratory phase is critical. It prevents burnout and helps you avoid killing your passion, which often happens when you're desperate for money.

Overlap is the ultimate guide to turning your side passion into a successful business (without quitting your day job).

  • This is the guide you'll wish you had years ago.
  • This is the guide that will finally give you clarity.
  • This is the guide you can give to your kids and not worry about their future.

This is the most sensible, practical, down to earth guide to making a living doing what you love, creating financial freedom for yourself, and getting your family on board.

I'm not here to pretend life doesn't involve risks.

But there's a difference between being foolish and making calculated risks with substantial upside and very little downside.

I prefer the latter and designed a system around taking a sensible chance on forging your own path in life—one that doesn't involve quitting your day job, taking a leap, and hoping for the best.

You deserve better than that.

Overlap is the solution.

I've been working on this book for years. I've written it, re-written it, and revised it based on hundreds of personal conversations I've had with people who want something more than the status quo.

What I discovered is most books are addressing the wrong problems.

It's like going on a long family road trip: most guides talk about getting good gas mileage, the best routes to take, and what sights to see along the way.

In reality, some of the greatest difficulties start well before you even leave the driveway!

Making sure you're packed the night before, getting kids up on time in the morning, deciding who sits where in the car, what snacks to bring, who's going to drive for the first leg of the trip, making sure electronics are charged… the list goes on.

I found that the problems holding you back aren't necessarily lack of business knowledge, finance, or anything like that.

In my conversations, I found that it's things like these that are holding you back:

  • Lack of support from your family.
  • Trouble finding motivation.
  • Not enough time.
  • Difficulty focusing.
  • Unsure of the right thing to pursue.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities.

I reverse engineered Overlap to solve every single one of these struggles and more.

If you believe you were meant for something more, if you believe you can make it, if you believe you were destined for greatness…

Overlap will help you get there. It will help you stop procrastinating and finally make it a reality.

I'm telling you about this because pre-orders close Friday, June 16th, 2017.

Overlap launches September 14th, but when you pre-order:

  • I'm going to send you the book early.
  • You'll be the first to read it.
  • You get the best price on the pre-order bundle.
  • Get all of the formats of the book (ebook, audio book, hardcover).
  • Get a limited edition letterpress print.
  • I will sign your hardcover book.

We're also working on some fun extras for people who pre-order, so there might be some more surprises.

I'm self-publishing this book. It's a lot of work.

It's also a huge investment. I'll be pouring tens of thousands of dollars into making this book happen because I believe in it so much and know it's going to change your life.

I honestly expect it to take some years for the book to catch on, but I'm not concerned. I wrote it in a way that the message is timeless. It will be as relevant in 20 or 30 years as it is today.

I also wanted the physical properties of the book to reflect the timeless principles inside, so the hardcover is truly a work of art.

The book launches on September 14th. I hope you check it out!