I don’t know about you, but I’m really hard on myself.

I hold myself to high standards. I struggle with perfectionism. “Good” isn’t good enough, I accept only excellence.

I always strive to “achieve” and “accomplish”, but when I do, I’m quick to rush on to the next thing.

While it’s good to be driven, I don’t want to drive so fast I miss the journey.

Celebration doesn’t come naturally to me. Even when I have a super big win, and everyone congratulates me, I don’t really know what to do. If I perform well, it means at least I didn’t fail today. So what’s next?

When you’re feeling stuck and discouraged, celebrating small wins is important. Recognize yourself for doing things right. Don’t focus on where you fell short.

Help the people you care about celebrate their small wins. Don’t express annoyance at their shortcomings. Instead, reinforce and affirm the behavior you want to see.

Even when you’re performing at peak ability, take a moment to acknowledge yourself. Your personal bests will come. The big client projects will come. The shoutouts from your heroes will come…

But today, you showed up. You did some things right, and you don’t have to wait until big accomplishments to celebrate.