I record and stream multiple video shows each week, and for this reason, I have an array of four, large computer displays in my office.

At the beginning of February, one of my displays stopped working. The repair took a long time, and I’d gone without it for 6–8 weeks. When the display finally came back this week, I was eager to reinstall it. While doing so, my entire quad monitor mount collapsed on me, causing minor injury to my forehead and breaking the glass of one of the displays.

Fortunately, after contacting the manufacturer of the mount, I learned the culprit was a singular lock nut which I had improperly installed. I could purchase a replacement part at a local hardware store for just $1. It was a best-case scenario, and I was back up and running by the same evening.

This morning, it felt so good to come into my office and have everything fixed. Everything was right. Everything was in its place, repaired, and working.

I was very happy. Things were great, and my outlook was especially positive.

Then I realized something crazy: I’m in the EXACT same position I was one week ago. I didn’t get anything new. I only had something I took for granted taken from me and then reinstated.

Everything is the same, yet I’m happier.

It’s the age-old saying: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Now I’m taking inventory of the many other things in my life I take for granted. With perspective, I can increase my happiness without changing my circumstances just by acknowledging the things for which I am grateful.