If only you had a better body, newer technology, a nicer house, or a higher paying job…

Then you’d be happy.

Deep down, you know this isn’t true, but you can’t help but believe it sometimes.

How can there be happier people with less than you? How are they able to light up a room?

It’s a comparison game. You get to choose whether to compare with less or compare with more. If you compare with what you don’t have, and focus on lack, you’ll never be happy.

There may be things right now that are challenging. I’m not diminishing that at all.

But there are also things right now that are GOOD. There is so much you take for granted. Your next breath. The health of your loved ones. The ability to see or hear the birds outside your window.

You can’t feel gratitude and envy at the same time.

What are you focusing on?