“Why am I not where I want to be already?”

It’s tempting to compare yourself. Sometimes comparison comes in the form of looking at other people. Sometimes comparison comes in the form of feeling like you’re behind your own expectations of yourself. You may wonder why you’re not where you “should be by now”.

But that’s looking at LAG measures. What you should focus on instead are LEAD measures.

Lag Measures:

  • ❌ When will I be happy?
  • ❌ Have I lost weight yet?
  • ❌ Am I a best-selling author?

Lead Measures:

  • ✅ Express gratitude every day.
  • ✅ Exercise for 30 minutes.
  • ✅ Write something daily.

Focus on today, and trust the process. Show up, and check the box. Mark the task complete, and build a streak. Don’t break the chain.

Before you know it, your habits will take you to a new place.

Small decisions made every day will compound over time. You can make this work in your favor when you focus on showing up every day and doing the right things for the right reasons.