When you feel overwhelmed and mentally foggy, it’s easy to think there’s something wrong with you, and you need to push through the resistance.⁣

“Just keep pushing,” we tell ourselves.⁣

Have you ever accidentally tried to open a door by pushing only to feel silly when you noticed the large “PULL” sign near the handle?⁣

Sometimes, it’s better to pull than push. Instead of pushing through, pull back and get some perspective.⁣

A 5-minute break will do wonders for clearing your mind and giving you fresh energy. When you’re in crunch time, and you think the last thing you can afford is a break, it’s usually when you need one the most.⁣

Do a quick reset. It’s almost always worth doing and will save time you would have spent banging your head against the problem. Taking a break is often the most productive thing you can do.