You give yourself way too long to do things. You overthink and procrastinate because you CAN—because you have TIME to. What a luxury!

If you want to get more done, give yourself less time. Think that’s crazy? I think it’s crazy to even have time to overthink or procrastinate.

Why does giving yourself less time work? Because you waste a lot of time. How do I know you waste a lot of time? Because I track my time, and as a very productive person, I still waste a lot of time. I promise you’ll be shocked at how much time you waste when you track your time.

When you give yourself less time to do something, you force yourself to WASTE less time and get more done.

How long does it take to write a book? 10 years? 2 years? 8 months?

The correct answer is: as long as you give yourself.

In 2016, I set out to write a set of 3 books in one month. Each draft needed to be 80,000 words long. So I set out at a pace to produce 240,000 words that month. Each day is documented on the seanwes blog.

Long story short, on day 4, I decided to combine the three books into one book. I called that book Overlap. I ended up finishing the 80,000-word manuscript for Overlap in two weeks. Once I knew it wasn’t going to be 3 books anymore, I slowed the pace. That’s why it took 14 days instead of 10.

But in a couple months, I will achieve something even crazier when writing my next book. I’m going to do the impossible:

🤯 I will write 100,000 words in a day, and I will live stream the whole thing at