How many days do you wake up wondering, “What does the world have for me?”

You scroll through feeds, swipe through stories, check inboxes, and browse subscriptions.

Today, ask this instead: “What do I have for the world?”

Reflect on this simple question: what if you CREATED as much as you CONSUMED?

  • 📺 Watch a video, record a video.
  • 📝 Read a post, write a post.
  • 🎨 Look at art, create art.

You have a voice. You have a message inside. Believe you have something to share. Start with a decision to show up. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike.

Try this: Write, record, or produce as the FIRST thing you do.

Instead of going straight to your feeds in the morning, show up to the blank page and ask yourself, “What do I have to share today?”