You don’t lack time, you lack clarity in what you want and have time commitments that reflect your lack of clarity.

Why does it seem like time just disappears and you can’t ever find enough? Where does all of the time go?

Your time is gobbled up by commitments.

A version of you in the past said “Yes” to something. You made a commitment. You allowed something. You agreed to go along. You set expectations.

Something that took me years to learn is commitments aren’t set in stone forever. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stuck in old commitments. Your commitments were made in a different time and in a different context. They were made with different goals.

The right time to break a commitment is when your goals have changed.

How do you get clear on your goals? Write. Write to find out what’s important to you. Write to discover what you want in life.

You start each day with time. You simply give it away. You must reclaim your time.

Yes, there are things you must do that are outside your control. I’m not talking about those things. Set those things aside for a moment.

Look for the things within your control you choose to do that you know waste your time. You will find those things with honest reflection. Those are areas where you can reclaim your time.