I haven’t written lately because I haven’t “felt” like it. Today, I realized I’d fallen back into an old trap.

So I wrote this reminder to myself. Maybe it helps you too.

You’re not motivated because you haven’t started.

  • Put on the running shoes.
  • Start typing the imperfect words.
  • Begin pressing the keys on the piano.

Motivation comes as a result of doing. You have to start.

How do you start without motivation?

If you wait until you FEEL motivated to start, you’ll never do anything.

You can’t rely on feeling. You must rely on habit.

Build the habit of showing up every day.

  • Make it easy.
  • Make it simple.
  • Start really small.
  • Start even smaller than that.

Find a way to start something small every day and watch motivation present itself to you.

But don’t wait for motivation to start.