Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel

Here’s a brain dump on how I think about creating content.

My secret to high output is ensuring I’m always in one of the five stages.

Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel - Write

I go with my energy.

  • If I feel bored, I edit.
  • If I feel curious, I learn.
  • If I feel creative, I write.
  • If I feel energetic, I record.
  • If I feel sluggish, I exercise.

Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel - Record

I find a way to map my feelings to one of the five stages. I’m never outside the flywheel because I always follow my energy. Even when I’m “resting” on sabbatical, following my energy always brings me back into the flywheel.

Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel - Edit

The stages fuel each other, but not equally:

  • Writing → fuels → Recording
  • Recording → fuels → Editing
  • Learning → fuels → Writing
  • Exercise → fuels → Writing
  • Exercise → fuels → Editing
  • Exercise → fuels → Recording
  • Exercise → fuels → Learning

Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel - Learn

When you’re stuck, exercise works as an excellent reset button.

Don’t push through a mental block; pull back. Distance yourself from the problem and go move your body.

Sean’s Content Creation Flywheel - Exercise

One other key piece, not pictured in the flywheel, is keeping topic list. I capture new ideas for content every single day.

I get ideas from:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • TV Shows
  • Comments
  • Phone Calls
  • etc.

Keeping a collection of prompts means I never run out of ideas on which to write.