30 days and 46,470 words later, writing became something that I do everyday, instead of a task on my calendar. This habit grew my audience, my business, and myself as a person.

I am confident you will profit from this course.

Robin Cuypers
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Hey, you on the fence. If you’ve ever wanted to do something about shortcomings you THINK you have as a writer or communicator, you should check out 30 Days to Better Writing. Having a regular time each day to listen to your thoughts and practice putting them into words is a solid practice we don’t refine anymore.

The courses you took when you were in school aren’t going to help you go the extra mile to publish what you want to publish. Do something about it now, and do it with something that will get you results.

30 Days to Better Writing. That’s one month, thirty minutes each day. It’s doable. I did it and I love doing it so much I’m going to do it several times over.

Jenny Famularcano
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

This course will change your life. 30 Days to Better Writing is primarily about developing a writing habit, but I’ve found as I’ve shown up every day and committed to writing, I can do this with any other habit in my life.

30 Days to Better Writing has been so fantastic for me. It has helped me clarify my vision and goals for my work, find what to write about, develop ideas for courses, books, emails, blog posts, podcasts and so much more.

This course provides you tools to form good habits, and good habits can change your life.

My list now has topics for a solid month out of where I’m writing. I’ll never run out of topics to write ever again!

Now that I’ve finished this 30 days and successfully developed a writing habit, I feel confident that I can start other habits that may not even have anything to do with writing. This course helped me see that. I’ve also really pressed into writing being the source of everything. I now find myself taking time to write more before starting other projects. This gives me a better start and helps me form more concrete ideas before I begin.

Total words written: 40,030

Alex Sawyer
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

This course is about so much more than writing. It’s about teaching yourself to do something that feels big and hard in a series of small practical steps.

By the end, you’ll have more confidence in your writing, a host of new tools in your toolkit, and a heck of a lot more practice than you did before. Sometimes improving something is just about putting in the reps, and this course will teach you how to make sure you do – but with good form too.

This course has changed my life. The ripple effect of doing this work has touched nearly every area of my life, almost effortlessly.

Within a week of starting this, I stopped working nights, resting better, and spending more time with my family. I get more done in less time and I’m happier. Oh – and I write better and more often too.

I’m much more productive. I’m putting out new content weekly, I’ve outlined a course, I have finally done things that took me months or longer to deal with before. I no longer feel so precious about every piece of content I put out.

Content buffer for the first time in my life? Check. Weekly blog posts? Check. Literally hundreds of content ideas? Check. A bunch of ways to get myself un-stuck, should I ever feel stuck again? Check.

It seems silly to say that the 30 Days to Better Writing course changed my life, and changed more than my writing when it’s about writing, but that’s what it has done.

Total words written: 31,090

Lynne Somerman
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Decoupling writing from editing was huge for me: both in terms of quantity of output but also in reduced frustration.

The part that I enjoyed the most was brainstorming for potential blog post topics. I got so many that I’m not afraid anymore to put myself out there.

Since applying what I’ve learned, I’m able to produce better, more attractive headlines.

I definitely would recommend 30 Days to Better Writing to those who are thinking about online publishing.

Want a lightweight, yet value-packed practical method to learn how to build a consistent writing habit? Look no further! 30 Days to Better Writing is the perfect first step for you! If you complete it and get nothing out of it, let me know and I will reimburse you what you spent on the course.

Total words written: 9,947

Damien Schreurs
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Since taking 30 Days to Better Writing, the clarity of my thoughts has improved dramatically. It’s given me better direction for my design and photography business.

Having more clarity allows me to focus more on the task at hand. This stronger ability to focus allows me to generate better quality ideas.

Lastly, writing has actually helped me become more extroverted in social situations. I am naturally an introvert, so I often struggle to get my ideas across when I’m engaging with an extrovert. But, writing every day has helped my thought process so much that I am now able to better articulate my thoughts with more extroverted personalities.

The results I’ve seen:

  • Clarity of thoughts has improved
  • Better quality of ideas
  • More clearly defined direction in life
  • Thought process has become more goal focused
  • Easier to articulate my ideas in social situations
  • My ability to focus has increased

I would definitely recommend 30 Days to Better Writing and I have already recommended it to multiple people. 30 Days to Better Writing will give you the clarity and focus you need to accomplish your goals.

Total words written: 26,075

Justin Hernandez
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I get up at 5:00 A.M. and spend up to an hour writing or editing. I also spend at least 1 hour a day in the Community learning to enhance other areas of my life. The two together feed the beast: one makes me commit myself every day, the other adds new levels of competence and skill to my delivery.

Just do it – start now. Just take 20 minutes and make a start. 30 Days to Better Writing really got me going, and once I started, the rest became so much easier.

I have stayed committed to writing or editing every day for weeks now. I already feel more confident and happier in my work.

Total words written: 25,000

Sarah Janes
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I’m happier because of this course. I’m a writer, but I often find myself not having "enough time." So I’ll go long stretches without writing on my own projects.

This course gave me motivation to get up early, carve out time, and make it happen. The 20-minute time window made it feel doable. And the consistency has inspired me to make some other shifts in my schedule to open up even more writing time.

This course helped me see how much consistency in writing affects my overall well-being. Day 22 was one of the most concise, clear explanations of the work a headline needs to do.Thank you!

If you have the urge to create anything—a book, a business, a podcast, or any other project—start with 30 Day to Better Writing. This course will help you create patterns of productivity. It will help you figure things out on the page, which can launch the rest of your work forward.

Kathy West
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Going through the course changed my mindset regarding writing. At first, I thought that people who who write, those who have blogs and books, already have it figured out. I had this notion that they already know the perfect words to put in their writing.

I realized through the 30 Days to Better Writing course that all of us can be writers. All of us can start writing just as long as we want to. If I can talk, I can write. But as always, it would have to take time to get better. This course could be the starting point for someone who dreams of having their own blog or book someday.

Writing everyday has helped me gain clarity with my goals.

The lessons for the day are easy to digest and are really meant for you to consume everyday. What I love about it is I saw how my writing changed throughout the 30 days. As each day passed by, I could see my writing take a different form by applying the lessons from the course. It will give you everything you need to finally publish your first article.

The lesson that had the biggest impact for me was the one about speeding up my writing. I noticed that if I just continue on writing and get the wrong words out of my head, I’ll eventually write the good stuff. The important thing is just keep on writing. I can edit what I already wrote but I can’t edit something that’s not there.

The biggest result for me was clarity. I feel that when I write, I’m clearing my mind daily. Even if I’m just repeating the same topic over and over again, it gives me the feeling of becoming more sure of myself and what I want to achieve.

30 Days to Better Writing helped me with come up with my plans for the year. Writing about them helped me know what I should prioritize first and why I’m pursuing my goals. Writing everyday helped my improve my focus.

If you are dealing with overwhelm, like me, this course is for you. Writing will help you go through your ideas and gain structure over them. If you are still procrastinating on creating a blog like me, this could be the push you need to start writing and publishing online.

Total words written: 21,784

Regie Bariuan
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I highly recommend 30 Days to Better Writing. You really have nothing to lose. 20 minutes a day for 30 days isn’t really that bad. And once it becomes a habit, you don’t even think about it any more. It’s just something you do. When you are done with your 20 minutes, you feel so accomplished.

I have so many ideas and materials to expand on for my blog and newsletter. I am feeling so organized. Because I’ve been able to set aside time for writing first thing in the morning (and not give myself all day to write!), I now have more time to work on my art the rest of my day, and it feels great!

I found that writing for 20 minutes every day is totally doable and can get a lot done in the 20 minutes if you have a deep focus first thing in the morning. The act of writing for 20 minutes became very easy and natural to me.

30 Days to Better Writing helped me build a habit to write even on the weekends. I found that writing on more personal topics on weekends helps me not feel like I’m working all the time.

The questions to go deep helped me a lot, where you asked us to explore our personal reasons, etc. It was also extremely beneficial to practice writing stream of consciousness style, too. I’m naturally more of a "think before I speak" kind of a person, so it was definitely outside of my comfort zone. But it was helpful to get my thoughts out of my head on to the paper so I can free up the space in my brain.

I have a lot more articles in my blog queue, and it’s satisfying to see them. 🙂 I became much faster at writing draft articles and more focused when I write. Less wasted time for sure.

Total words written: 21,000

Yuko Miki
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I found a system with the 30 Days to Better Writing course. I found the purpose for waking early to do this writing. It is like a muscle. And while I am not writing anything revolutionary here, my fingers are moving and the words are coming out.

I feel like this is going to be the benchmark of my career. Because everything starts with writing, right?

I loved how everything was broken down into chunk sized pieces. You could just sit and enjoy it without the burden of having so much to consume. Like a baby, it was a little teaspoon and that’s what motivated me to keep going – the fact that it was always very do-able.

The working structures and writing tactics really helped me. Segregating my work and helping people understand it and internalize it more also helped my writing and will continue to do so.

Jump over, damn it! It’s brilliant. This course doesn’t help just with writing: it’s a whole habit forming system that you benefit from in every other endeavor of life. So don’t be silly, be signing up.

Total words written: 20,000+

John Smallios
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

It was liberating to overcome the fear whatever I wrote in that moment needed to be perfect the first time round. I’m able to write with more freedom knowing I can come back later to edit or change the order of the content.

The 30 Days to Better Writing course has helped me communicate more effectively and build a writing habit.

I’ve noticed an improvement in both ability and speed when writing blog posts. My words flow more easily than 30 days ago. The course also made me think differently about the importance of writing for other areas. I was able to put together a presentation for a freelance client in a more compelling way than I would have before the course. I think about the purpose of the message and the result more strategically than I did before.

The thing that helped the most from the material was suggested topics and thinking of the user journey. I was able to imagine a new visitor coming to my site and write directly to them. Throughout the last month, I have built a buffer of content topics for the next 6 months!

Having the prompts each day meant I knew as long as I showed up, I’d have something to write about.

I have gained a lot of clarity. The blog topics flows nicely and I have an editorial calendar to refer to. I’m able to slot in other ideas as they occur and move things around.

Writing has become more achievable and less intimidating. I enjoyed the stream of consciousness sessions as well and will continue with that. This course helped in ways I did not expect.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that seeks self improvement. Even if writing isn’t specifically something you think you need to implement, you do. Building the habit and working that muscle will helps you to learn more about yourself as well as reach out to others.

30 Days to Better Writing is packed with valuable insights and you can make headway even with 30 mins a day.

Total words written: 16,624

Nicole Mauloni
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Writing is the key to everything you want to do to express yourself. By writing, you free your mind so you can have more awesome ideas.

The 30 Days to Better Writing experience was incredible. I never thought writing would be so important. I did not think I would end up being able to write more than a thousand words in such a short time.

I’m really impressed with the impact this course has had on me. Because of this course, I discovered abilities I didn’t know I had. This course made me rethink how I express myself and what my limitations are.

By understanding that writing is not as hard as people make it look, you grasp the beauty of expressing yourself without obstacles. 30 Days to Better Writing has shown me a different aspect of life where you can freely impose your thoughts and ideas onto paper and, from there, it can become whatever you want it to be; a video, an article, a song, a story, a script—you name it!

I enjoyed the whole course, but what helped me the most was the practical lessons where you get your hands dirty (or should I say, “get your fingers dirty”).

Learning to create an calendar (or buffer), is one of the things that helped me the most. I know what my game plan is and I’m able to plan ahead. This allows me to have more time for family and projects.

Since I started this course, I found myself writing more and elaborating on my sentences and paragraphs better. Now, I’m able to add more meaning to my videos. I’m able to focus and have greater clarity in my ideas.

Thanks to this course. I was able to publish new videos for a whole month, week after week. This course helped me develop a workflow for my projects as well.

By learning to write better, I have saved tons of hours in trying to get an idea out. Now I have a strategy for approaching the topic I want to develop. This has made my ideas flow freely onto the page. I’m impressed with how much I was able to write.

I’m far from being perfect at writing, but I have discovered a new skill. This is my first course taken at seanwes, and it demonstrates that there is a lot to learn and tons of value in this community.

Total words written: 24,000

Eduardo Augustine
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I would recommend 30 Days to Better Writing to anyone who is looking to start a new writing habit. If you have never written before, or considered yourself a writer, this is the best course to start with. It has so many great resources for later after finishing the course too.

If you are on the fence about taking this course I would say go for it and see what happens. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about yourself. This is a great way to learn how to connect with your audience through writing and then turning that writing into other mediums such as podcasting and videos.

Podcasting and video are my next steps with my content and, now that I know I can write, I am confident I can turn that writing into other content for my audience to enjoy. 🙂

Courses and books, in my opinion, are the best way to learn. You want to have a desire to try something new and be ready to not be the greatest at something at first when learning. It takes courage and being humble.

I loved the writing prompts and the fact that they didn’t just focus on writing one partial way but showed how you could write with your voice, pen/paper, text editor, etc. The one thing that has helped me the most was having a set time of 20 minutes, while knowing that I could keep going if I felt like I had more to say. Giving yourself a time limit to write helps with getting to the point quickly.

It was a humbling experience to learn from someone like Sean who has put what he has taught into practice and seen results. He is always looking for ways to improve his lessons and make them better. I respect him for that and it tells me he cares more about the impact of his course more than money. The course is very reasonably priced and a good place to start with writing.

Total words written: 22,379

Ian Baldwin
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

30 Days to Better Writing helped me in many ways. I never thought I would ever enjoy the process of writing. Now, I can clearly say that writing is part of my routine and I enjoy it.

The “hybrid voice” lesson was especially helpful for me because I want to create videos for all my blog posts. That exercise helped me a lot.

It is incredible how much clarity the process of writing helps you to get. I had ideas and processes and beliefs in my mind which were deeply transformed and expanded as a result of writing about them. Amazing experience.

This course will unlock your brain. You’ll learn everything you need to get off the ground and build a writing habit.

Giovani Mazza
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I found out that I actually can write a whole lot in short amount of time. I liked the specificity of the tasks and especially enjoyed making lists of future topics to write about.

I’ve gotten new ideas on stuff to write about and also a couple of business ideas. I even called up my brother, who’s a musician, and talked with him about how he should set up a blog.

If anybody expresses interest in getting to write better or more, I’ll definitely recommend this course. I don’t really know any other resources that would teach both how to write, what to write, and be so inspiring at the same time.

Total Words: 19,000

Janus Hasseriis
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

As a result of Thirty Days to Better Writing, I am feeling more focused about the purpose and goals of my writing. Prior to the course, I had already established a daily writing habit, however, for a few months, I lost my focus.

Most of my writing was personal and cathartic rather than potential blog material. Those writing sessions were helpful during that season though. Now I’m in a different season and realizing that I want and need to be more intentional about writing material that can be of value to someone and of service to my goals as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Over the last couple years, I learned it is more important to get something done, then edit, instead of worrying about perfecting it the first time. I’m still working on internalizing it, though. It can be so difficult to for me to not go back and edit my writing.

I’ve been more focused on goals for my writing and as a result, I’ve written five blog posts after not writing any blog post for a few months. I’ve been able to refine my writing process to optimize the quality of my writing sessions. I’m also able to write more now that I’m not focused on writing everything perfectly. Another thing I already learned that has been reinforced is my writing pre-planning.

Having an outline and questions to prompt what I’m going to write about improves the quality of my writing. It allows me to think about what I’m going to write beforehand and prepare by doing research to refamiliarize myself with the topic or confirm my understanding of the topic. Everything I’ve learned in the course has allowed me to be more productive, purpose-driven, and efficient with my time.

To someone on the fence about taking the course, I would say if you’re already going to be writing the course will only help you improve at what you’re already doing. I would also mention the course provides actionable steps, thoughtful questions and examples to help you discover how you as an individual can most effectively and efficiently provide value through your writing.

Blake DeHart
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Setting aside time to get clarity every day was invaluable. I want to do the course again.

Writing about my passion (metafiction) every day has helped me see how it relates to other things. The clarity I got from this course made me realize that I can niche down if I give my passion concerted time and effort.

I would recommend 30 Days to Better Writing to other young people in my position who need to articulate who they are and what they’re about as they head into the workforce while trying to keep their side hustle. I would say that this course will give clarity and organization to your interests, and also get you started on sharing it in a way that gives you credibility.

Ayah Abdul
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I found out that no matter what, I still have time to write every day if it’s the first thing I do in the morning. Writing in the morning seems to be easier as well, because my brain is rested, so it comes flowing out easily. No stopping and thinking what I want to say. The flow of words just pushes itself out.

The part I liked most is the fact that you can’t do 2 lessons in one day, you are limited to just one a day. I think that’s powerful in making you learn the habit of writing every day. When we start something new we just have too much energy and do more than is required. Then, the next day, we may say "Well, I already did today’s work yesterday. I have a lot of other stuff to do. Let’s skip writing for today".

The problem is that if you skip a day, it’s harder to build a habit. Since the main goal of the course is to help you build a habit, restraining you a little is beneficial. When you eat, you don’t stuff yourself until you explode and then don’t eat for a couple of days after. You just eat enough for today, and then tomorrow you eat again, enough for tomorrow. That’s how you keep going.

I would certainly recommend the course to people that want to improve themselves. If someone was on the fence, I would say, hey, it’s just 30 days. Just do it.

Total Words: 17,623

Cesare Ferrari
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

The impetus to start being regular with my writing has been hugely helpful. Producing regularly has not only helped me publish regularly, but also clarify my thoughts and get my brain in order. It’s also helped me generate more material, not just for writing, but for lettering projects, marketing ideas, business strategies, and systems for coping with the daily load of living and running a business.

There were two things that really helped me: the editorial calendar, and Aaron’s four part blog post outline (Day 27). Hammering home the idea of creating an arc, a series of posts for a specific purpose—that was huge.

I’ve actually started blogging regularly for the first time, and kept it up. I have a buffer, I have an arc, and I’ve focused the content of my posts.

30 Days to Better Writing is just the kick in the pants I needed to push past inertia and gain writing momentum. It’s not only given me momentum in my writing, but momentum in my business.

Total Words: 18,804

Brandon Buerkle
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

I am able to create more output than ever before. Writing every morning for at least 60 minutes is a great way to produce words.

I will say that “Free Writing” is addictive. It is a great way to explore what is in your mind. It is a great way to learn about yourself. But should be used sparingly. You can produce to many words to work with and that can be distracting. With great power comes great responsibility. I am actually writing a blog post about this.

I would recommend 30 Days to Better Writing to anybody that wants to build a writing habit. I feel like it is a habit and I am now waking before my alarm. If somebody was on the fence, I would let them know how much it has benefitted me, and that the worst that could happen is that you find you don’t really want to do this. If so, now you know.

Dave Brooks
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

This course has made me aware of how painful it would be for most people to read what I used to write. I now do my best to write more simply, and add value to my writing through content and examples rather than impressive (but overly complex) vocabulary.

I write a lot more smoothly now, and I am a lot more deliberate in the way I phrase my writing so that it is easier to read and communicates my message more clearly.

What has helped me the most in this 30 day journey is the clarity that I get when I put everything in my head down in writing:

  • My future will be determined by the quality of my writing

  • I see all the areas in my business and in my life that I need to work on

  • I have gained a renewed appreciation for how far I have come

My writing has now taken on purpose, and the progress I have made in expanding and detailing my goals and plans has been amazing in the last thirty days. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of whether they are interested in entrepreneurship or not.

Building a writing habit is something that everyone would benefit from, and it has the potential to change your life. I know that it has changed mine.

Total Words: 26,498

Xue Yi Hang
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

30 Days to Better Writing has helped me to get started writing every day first thing when I get up in the morning. I found that I was able to write between 500-1000 words per day every day fairly easily, sometimes up to 2000. It’s been a great help to be able to get thoughts out of my head and provide clarity. Through spending so much time practicing writing it has also improved my communication skills in other areas somewhat. I find I am writing clearer emails to clients and getting ideas across more clearly.

I liked the simplification of breaking down topics into smaller sections as prompts and also creating an editorial calendar. Learning about the need to schedule topics in advance has helped the most, but it’s also been a struggle when I feel like I’ve run out of topics or start repeating myself.

I have posted a blog post every week for 8 weeks and have more ready to be posted or edited. [30 Days to Better Writing] has also enabled me to communicate my ideas and thoughts better to clients in email while appearing more professional.

Just take the course and make the commitment to showing up every day.

Total Words: 25,516

Adrian Griffin
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Focusing on 20 minutes a day instead of 1,000 words a day made the goal a lot more doable and attainable for me. When I’ve tried to write a 1000 words a day, I’ve gotten burnt out quickly. I would rather show up and do something small than quit early simply because I was "tired."

In some ways, this course served as accountability. It wasn’t just me writing, there was a challenge and a prompt to move me forward, as well.

I’ve been able to write more consistently. Writing is something that I hate, but is essential to what I do. This late night owl is getting up early to work! That’s no small feat!

Just do it, it’s only $99. You have so much more to gain than you have to lose.

Amy Dutton
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial