There’s a Lot to Celebrate

Three years and some months ago, we started the seanwes podcast.

The show, which explores the intersection of creativity and business, has been downloaded millions of times and has encouraged thousands to start a business and making a living doing work they enjoy.

seanwes podcast

People have told us the podcast helped them:

  • Quit their soul-sucking day job
  • Start a business
  • Get financial freedom
  • Move across the world

We started hosting meet ups in large cities across the country. New York City, Dallas, San Francisco…

30, 40, 50, sometimes even more people showed up to these meetups that were supposed to last 2 hours—but people stayed for 10 hours!

The venues kicked us out because they were closing and people simply went to restaurants across the street!

The demand was so great and the events were so incredible, we knew we had to step it up and do something bigger.

In 2016, we hosted our first event seanwes conference. If the video at that link doesn’t already tell you, it was such a phenomenal event, 45% of our attendees immediately registered for the 2017 conference!

All because of a podcast.

And now we’re about to record out 300th episode.

We think that’s something to celebrate!

We wanted do something special…

Ben and I are incredibly grateful for your support.

Every week, we stream a live video broadcast to the seanwes members and interact with them live on the air.

For Episode 300, we’re opening things up to the public.

Think of it like an open house.

You’ll get to interact live, ask questions while we’re on the air, and meet other podcast listeners and members from the Community.

It’s a rare opportunity and there won’t be another one like it for two years.

Don’t miss this event!


Giveaway: Over $3,000 in Prizes

Each year, we’ve outdone ourselves and this year is no exception.

We’ll be giving away some incredibly valuable prizes at this event.

  • (2) Supercharge Your Writing ($1,994)
    • Master Class on copywriting and sales.
    • 68 lessons, 14 modules.
  • (4) 30 Days to Better Writing ($396)
    • Build a writing habit in just 30 days.
    • 30 lessons, 30 days, 30 minutes a day.
  • (3) Landing Pages That Convert ($394)
    • Fix your broken landing pages.
    • 2-hour training.
  • (2) Think Bigger Water Bottle ($50)
    • Klean Kanteen
  • (1) Make Things Not Excuses Mug ($18)
  • (1) Hustle Shirt ($31)
  • (1) The Only Way Out Is Through Shirt ($31)
  • (1) Smooth Sea Poster ($32)
  • (1) Influence the World Poster ($32)
  • (1) Show Up Every Day Poster ($28)

This giveaway is happening LIVE—you have to be there to win!

Sign up below… ↓

My Vision for the Future

I’m saving what I think will be the best show of the year for this event.

I’m incredibly excited to share what’s coming.

Show Topic: How I’m Building the Best Place to Work in the World

I will be revealing some epic plans for 2017.

If this isn’t enough reason for you carve out time and register for this event, I don’t know what is.